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How beetles resist damage to their exoskeletons


Unusual engineering:

They found that the size and distribution of the micropillars in beetles of differing colors were indeed optimized for achieving the most efficient light redistribution. The improvement of mechanical properties, particularly the stiffness, appeared not to be optimized, since the microstructure was not entirely covered with the stiffer and stronger micropillars. This result indicated that optical performance took priority over mechanical performance during the evolution of this peculiar multilayer, micropillar structure.

Virginia Tech, “Microstructure found in beetle’s exoskeleton contributes to color and damage resistance” at ScienceDaily

So someone in the background was thinking about long-term effects…

A friend writes to say that this item could have been written for Evolution News and Science Today. Yes indeed.

That is how things are heading…

Wasn’t it an evolutionary biologist who said that God is extraordinarily fond of beetles?

Anyway …

I found this gem on youtube today... sea turtles know exactly what beach to return to when returning to lay eggs 25 years later.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzcni6z34dQ zweston

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