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How come millennials, educated in Darwin-only science classes, are big on astrology?

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We’re not claiming it’s a cause. Just noticing that aggressive defense of Darwinism and other kinds of naturalism proves no deterrent to nonsense:

Many have attributed the current astrology frenzy to millennials’ desire to talk about themselves at every turn. As Amanda Hess wrote at The New York Times last year, “Astrology checks several boxes for viral-happy content: It provides an easy framework for endlessly personalized material, targets women, and accesses ’90s nostalgia. It’s the cosmic BuzzFeed quiz.” …

Whatever kind of care astrology provides, VCs have determined that it is very valuable. In April, Co—Star raised $5.2 million in seed funding to continue growing the app and develop an Android version of it. “By positioning human experience against a backdrop of a vast universe, Co-Star creates a shortcut to real talk in a sea of small talk: a way to talk about who we are and how we relate to each other,” said the company in its funding announcement. “It doesn’t reduce complexity. It doesn’t judge. It understands.”

Allie Jones, “Rising Signs” at The Verge

It’s also flapdoodle. But maybe that doesn’t matter anymore. Why not?

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They know in their hearts, astrology has far better credentials. And won't be viewed by the Establishment as threatening Darwinism. They needed a safety-valve, what with the switch from maths-based physics to stamp collecting. I wonder if each world in the multiworlds will have their own stamps ... for intercosmic postage items. Axel
My highly Mormon high school (I’m Catholic) gave me a good grounding in Darwinism told me that the appendix was an artifact of Darwinism, Not once did they bring up any form of biblical anything in fact I got reprimanded for saying that the universe is spreading apart because of God and they probably told me dark matter I said that in fourth grade I do not know of these schools that you speak of I also am working on being a teacher and again I do not know the schools that you speak of that predominantly poop all over Darwinism. I know of a centralized group in the middle of America by the Bible belt, but everywhere else is a completely different story you’ll find no school teaching biblical views or any type of biblical views in Oregon you will find no such school in California you will find no such school in Las Vegas you will find no such school in New Mexico or in Arizona unless it is a privately owned Catholic or religious school and even then they do not teach creationism and will teach Darwinism So I do not know what you talk of because it has been taught for as long as I’ve been alive which is 41 years AaronS1978
You're forgetting the evidence from the survey of high school biology teachers which revealed that the majority of them avoided mentioning evolution and a minority actively promoted Biblical creationism in the science class. Perhaps that's the reason for the interest in astrology. They never actually got a good grounding in :"Darwinism" Seversky
And on a totally unrelated note, from an article next to the one linked above, we get more evidence of how the sexual revolution is playing out: https://www.theverge.com/2019/10/5/20899388/incel-movement-blueprint-toronto-attack-confession-gender-terrorism EDTA
>“Astrology checks several boxes for viral-happy content: It provides an easy framework for endlessly personalized material, targets women,... Sexist comment... >The carefully considered brand that Guler and her team are building is reaching enough millennials to make Silicon Valley take notice. The New York Times reported on Co—Star’s $5.2 million funding round when it happened and noted that VCs now see astrology as a way to reach female consumers. More sexism on the part of the VCs! >Oh yes, the algorithm. How does that work, anyway? No one on the team will say exactly,... Maybe because they just make stuff up. Garbage in, garbage out. Sheesh. We're regressing. EDTA

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