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How many Darwinists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

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IDOL (Infinite designer of life) Ye are the light of the world. A cd that is set on a hil (child) can knot. Be hid. Zero Zero
Jerry Coyne: None. The physicist gets to screw in the light bulbs since they are the top of the laddder because in science's pecking order, evolutionary biologists lurk somewhere near the bottom of the ladder, far closer to phrenologists than to physicists. scordova
More Matrix stuff: Morpheus: Neo, I offer you two books. In my right hand I'm holding this red book titled "Darwin's BlackBulb: Mechanical Challenge to Spontaneous Bulbscrewing". In my left hand you see this blue book "The Blind Bulbscrewer". This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take and read the blue book, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red book you stay in wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. Farshad
I think someone should group together the best of the above comments (and on the original 'Great Debate' website) put up a few $$$$ and produce and short documentary spoof movie (with actors resembling the original Richard Dorkins, Prof Pianka, Eugeeeenie etc, etc) just to show how lucidris these mooks really are and how they sidestep questions better than a football running back. Then distribute it across the net for once and for all show how the media and darwimpians competely try and skew all press coverage to show them in a good 'light' ahem excuse the pun....it would be priceless!! It could be titled "Darwin in the limelight - the lights are on but nobody's home" Anymore Idea's???? lucID
Will Provine: Light bulbs are the greatest engine for atheism ever invented. Mats
Barbara Forrest: No Darwinist is need. It's the Religious Right who assumes that one is required. Mats
Carl Sagan : Billions and Billions scordova
psssst, Gandalf, its "Darwimpians" ;-) Evo Alert 1: Evidence of missing link Darwinist fossil found! It appears the new fossil, longus neckus up to 5ft in length eliminated other potential light bulb screwers who needed a ladder to see how to screw in the light bulb. Knowing the ladder had not been invented 1 million years ago, this new fossil along with other fossil record provides "overwhelming" evidence along with longus armstremitus. And while the fossil is only a tooth and half a jaw bone, evolutionist stated one can easily see the markings of deep scorations upon the molar indicated a twisting like motion. And the jaw bone appears to show solid evidence of stressful lockjaw on strong metal. Dawkins, Knight Templar Poobah of Public Science says, "This makes an atheist dream come true. The obvious environmental factors of competition to reach forth to tall heights is Darwinology at its best! This should prove once and for all ID is not science and Darwin was right. Longus Neckus proves it takes just one to screw a light bulb!" Evo Alert 2: Evolutionist determine the serpent evolved from walking to belly slithering ON LAND, thus eliminating the "sea to land to man to light bulb" pathway, but a new pathway may be found in "sea to bird to flying man to lightbulb". Dawkins quoted as saying, "acting efficiently of course evolution appears naturally in external environmental competition to be designed, however we know differently." Snake(najash rionegrina) loses legs on land: http://www.cnn.com/2006/TECH/science/04/19/fossil.snake.ap/index.html?eref=yahoo More proof Darwin is god and darwinians his angels! What else can explain so many.... explanations? Public ask Dawkins, was there not some ancient document stating a snake would crawl on its belly? Dawkins unavailable for immediate response to the public due to meeting Animal rights protestors. Activist have recently detroyed lab facilities protesting against unfair civil liberties abuse of snakes, blames science for leg loss. Dawkins did release a standard statement in lieu of later comments: It is obvious religion is ruining science. Michaels7
Nietzche: It just doesn't matter, does it? Planned Parenthood: As many as they want to, as long as they use condoms. (...deep breath, shift gears...) John A. Davison: You're talking one of them light bulbs in a kiddie bake oven, right? Well, I've got a recipe them Darwinists can eat after they're done screwing in that light bulb. Gandalf
"LET THERE BE LIGHT" My wife and I were just going together and we were up at the Citrus Lounge one night when the lights went out - the power failed. Joanie went back into the kitchen and got some candles and lit them. She walked back through the door, announced, "Let there be light" and held the candles up. At that moment all the lights came back on. CITY LIGHTS OUT I was sitting in front of the Ranch House Restaurant one night. I was depressed. I was thinking about bad things having happened and I shouted out a very bad expletive and cursed at God. Just at that moment the lights went out over the whole city. ............................................................................... (My wife and I had a cocktail lounge for 23 years. We had a janitor, for a time, who saved things from the trash cans.) ............................................................................... IT’S THE BULB, STUPID After checking a ceiling light fixture with three different bulbs, I assumed the fixture was bad - so I changed it. I had used three bad bulbs to check it. Two weeks later, after checking the cash register light with three different bulbs, I assumed the fixture was bad, so I tore it completely apart. Again, it was OK - I had used three bad bulbs to check it. CHANGE LIGHT JOKE Years ago I heard Paul Harvey tell a joke on the radio. He said, "How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?" and he said, "Well really, just one, but only if the light bulb wants to be changed." Days later, I was sitting at the Ranch House thinking about this joke, (about whether I should tell it to the person next to me). At that moment I looked up. The dishwasher had a stool and sat it down directly in front of me. He climbed up on the stool and started changing the light bulb in the ceiling. ................................................................................... "The order of creation is as follows: 1. Verse 3 light 2. Verse 8 home. (firmament, heaven) 3. Verse 10 earth " When I posted the above on "Google talk origins", someone posted,"You err." and he quoted where God said,"I create darkness and I create light." While taking a break, I jotted down my reply on a scratch pad: "It's simple. If he chooses, he turns off the light." I walked into my computer room to post, turned on the switch and the light bulb blew. The Big Bang: I went to work one morning and turned to the mechanic next to me and said, "If God wanted to, He could turn the oceans into gas and look for someone with a match." A couple of hours later I was listening to the radio when the news came on. The announcer said that a Cuban refugee had boarded an airliner, thrown gasoline on a stewardess and threatened to strike a match. Zero Zero
This much fun should be illegal, or at least considered sinful. Matteo, You obviously missed your calling. You could easily give P.J. O'Rourke a run for his money as an articulate, clever, satirical humorist. Isn't humor interesting? It has a habit of revealing obvious truths. That's why we laugh. Gil GilDodgen
T. Dobzhansky: Nothing in illuminology makes sense except in the light of evolution. Carl Sagan: The light bulb is all there is, was or ever will be Richard Lowentin: None because we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive, . . . Moreover, that materialism is absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Light in the door. Stephen Hawking: None because the light bulb has no edge or boundary so no beginning is required. Alan Guth: None. The light bulb is just a bubble bulb within a vast sea of bubble bulbs that make up all the light around us. Lee Smolin: None: Light bulbs reproduce through cosmological natural selection. Hugh Everett: None. Since all possible illuminations that the state function could assume get tried out in the quantum universe, having a light bulb in a socket is no surprise. David Lewis: None. Any logically possible world may or may not have light bulbs in sockets. We just happen to live in one that does. DonaldM
Paley: If you're walking along a beach and find a lit Tiki torch, you know it had a fire starter. A lightbulb is much more complex, and therefore requires an even greater church burning ebola boy. :P Fross
LOL... wondered when Neo would hook up. Bulbinetics - haha! potential best seller! How to be "clear" in 10 turns or less. Daniel Dennett: This is absolutely Meme-less since only religion can be Meme-driven. Alister McGrath responds to Dennett's book, Breaking the Spell, http://cis.org.uk/resources/articles/article_archive/mcgrath_rsa_lecture.pdf (10 pages) Monty Python: 42 Darwinist or is it 42 mice? Pianca: Is there a difference? Google: nyet, answer is 5th sequence of 10 digit sum = 49 in e. hehe... Gil, enjoyed it. Michaels7
The geological event called Bulbrian explosion shows sudden appearance of thousands of different light bulbs functional and screwed in their sockets. Dawkins: Well, there is nothing special regarding Bulbrian explosion. A sudden change in environmental selective pressure, a sharp decrease in sunlight, caused lightbulbs with an ability to screw be naturally selected. You see it's all selection and evolution, there were no divine hands. There are creationists who claim a mythical figure called Thomas Edison invented lightbulbs and teached people how to screw it in the socket. These fairytales are purely based on religious beliefs and has nothing to do with science. Farshad
I had a feeling this would be a hit! GilDodgen
Ken Miller - none, because the bulb could be used as a drinking glass, the filament could have been a spring, the screw part could have been used as an archimedian pump, and the contacts could be used as a dandy tie-clip! chunkdz
(Gil, hey look what you started! :-) How many Darwinists does it take to screw in a light bulb? John Barrow: "Will you guys stop quoting Dawkins, he can't tell you because he's not a real scientist. He's a biologist." Sal scordova
President Bush: How many Darwinists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Well that all depends on whether the Darwinist is part of the axiz of evil? And if he is I'll guarentee you this son 'We'll blow his @^%^#$% all the way to Iraq and back. In fact he's probably a part of the ACLU which in my Suthern books is good fur Nuthin like the continent of Iran - which I'm gonna nuke just to be safe ....nuke Iran that is not the ACULA - although I'm sure those liberal lefties didn't support my election campaign so I'm gonna nuke em anyways. (Donald - get them launch codes!!!) Arnold: ACLU are girlie-men. ha ha ha lucID
Sen John Kerry: How many Darwinists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Well that all depends on....what magazine are you from again?????....Ahhh yes of course SciAm Editorial...ahem as I was saying positively it screws in by itself over time and chance, I fully support eliminating any opposition to Darwinian theory in High Schools. Did you get a shot of my ACLU blazer there??? Sen John Kerry: My answer???? Ummm yes.....you're from???......Creation Science Quarterly magazine....yes well obviously everyone is free to express their own opinion and yes I would support Intelligent Design opposition supporting that a Darwinist actually screwed in the light bulb. Did you get a shot of my Ecumenical Blazer??? lucID

L Ron Hubbard: What is important is that complete silence is observed when the lightbulb spontaneously screws in over time. Disturbing repressed, subconscience memories can cause the bulb to experience difficulties later in life. Furthermore the Bulb can educate itself to a point of freedom from the light fixture and become an 'illuminated' Thetan-bulb. All will be revealed in my upcoming book 'Bulbinetics': the modern science of Bulb health. Only $500.


How many Darwinists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
We don't know. We left them alone with it a few billion years ago, and their strategy of a sequence of small twists in random directions has only netted them some sore wrists.

The group that tried the single twist in the correct direction, on the other hand...


Morpheus: The Darwinian Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth.

Neo: What truth?

Morpheus: That you are a slave to Darwinian logic. Like everyone else you were born into bondage, a prison for your mind. The truth that everything you know about lightbulbs spontaneously screwing in with time and chance by process of natural selection is false.

Mulder: That's whay I'm trying to find out. The light is out there! William Lane Craig: P-1 Any light which begins to glow must have a cause. P-2 The light began to glow. Therefore: The light has a cause. DonaldM
The Oracle: I really don't know if you are the bulb, whether you'll actually spontaneously screw in is up to you though. Remember it's not how brightly you shine but how you shine. Oracle: I'd ask you to screw in, but, you're not going to anyway. And don't worry about the bulb. Neo: What bulb? [Neo turns to look for a bulb, and as he does, he knocks over a bulb, which shatters on the floor.] Oracle: That bulb. Neo: I'm sorry-- Oracle: I said don't worry about it. I'll get one of my kids to fix it. Neo: How did you know? Oracle: Ohh, what's really going to bake you're noodle later on is, would you still have broken it if I hadn't said anything Agent Smith (AKA Richard Dawk-ins): I'd like to share a revelation that I've had, during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your,'Religious' species. I realized that you're not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment, but you 'Religious' humans do not. You move to an area, and you multiply, and multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. The only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. A virus. Religious Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet, you are a plague, and we (Darwinists) are the cure. Agent Smith(AKA RD): Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson? That is the sound of inevitability. We Darwinists are about to crush you under the train of 'overwhelming evidence' Neo: I am the BULB, my name is neoooo-luminous!!! lucID
Morpheus: There is a difference between knowing the bulb and screwing the bulb. I can only show you the bulb, you are the one who has to screw it in the socket. Generic: None. We all know that snowflakes and crystals form naturally, therefore light bulbs and sockets can join under certain natural conditions. It is simple chemistry and physics. You must be religiously motivated to believe in Darwinists, fairies, angels and other supernatural nonsense. Keep your hands off our science. Farshad
LOL Please stop! Mats
PZ Myers: Certainly anyone who would screw in a light bulb is unfit for tenure. After all we wouldn't want any screwed up professors at our universities unless they are screwed up enough to destroy 90% of light bulbs with e-coli lite. bFast
Sigmund Freud: An unscrewed bulb is the result of early sexual childhood neurosis brought upon by the mother. Psychoanalysis can help, but it will take a long time and the bulb really, REALLY must want to get screwed. just lurkin
This is hillarious Gil, thanks for posting. I have to add only one: Eugenie Scott: Gosh, I just can't believe we're still having this debate. The lighbulb is so obviously screwed in. We have mountains of evidence telling us just how screwed it is. Screwed in, I mean. And by the way, thats Eugenie, pronounced Euw-Jeen-ee. Can't we all just admit that none of those aweful IDers could have done it - they can't even see the light, let alone screw it in - so it must have been one of us wonderfully enlightened and witty Dawkinites, I mean Darwinians. Now, can we stop debating this? Again, my name is E-u-g-e-n-i-e, but you can call me Dr. Scott. Oh, right, getting back to the original question: I guess the answer is "one", as long as it's Richard, but probably more than one otherwise. In any case, it has to be someone qualified to do the actual screwing in of the bulb. An IDer just won't do. dougmoran
I've just added this to the post: SciAm Editorial: Two MIT researchers have announced the results of a breakthrough experiment, detailed in this month's cover story. To summarize briefly, they first turned on the overhead light in the kitchen. Then one of them donned mittens, got on a chair, and very slowly rotated the bulb in a counterclockwise direction, until it just turned off. The two then proceeded to jump up and down on the kitchen floor, in order to generate random displacement perturbations at the socket site. In an astonishingly short time, the bulb relit. This experimental result powerfully establishes that lightbulbs are capable of screwing themselves into sockets with no intelligent guidance, demolishing the "one Darwinist" explanation of the creationists, which should now join epicycles, phlogiston, vital elan, and the luminiferous ether in the museum of discredited hypotheses. It is perhaps not too much of an exaggeration to say that Darwinists themselves are becoming wholly superfluous to proper scientific explanation. This important result is something to keep in mind as the nation-wide battle over school district science standards continues to rage. Matteo
Judge Jones: It is clear that light bulbs are screwed in by Fundimentalists calling themselves 'creation scientists' or 'scientific creationism'. Therefore, any questions about who screwed up the light bulb are strictly forbidden under the separation of church and state. bFast
A few more coruscations: Fundementalist: This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine...Hide it under a bushel, NO!, I'm gonna let it shine...Shine all over the science class, I'm gonna let it shine...let is shine, let it shine, let it shine. The Highlander: One. Because there can be only one! S.J. Gould: Who knows. If we rewound the tape of evolution, lights we come about in a very different way. But we do know that light bulbs of limited life are a funny solution to the need for light and are therefore not the stuff of a wise creator. Alvin Plantinga: The idea of one has warrant without further justification, if the light bulb is functioning properly in its physical environment and is successfully aimed at truth. Lenny Flank: What difference does it make. I've never met a creationist yet who could tell a light bulb from a tulip bulb. They're all pig-ignorant liars with malice aforethought! They're only answer is "Goddidit". bwahahaha DonaldM
tb, Bright! ha! Better than my morning brew. DonaldM, lol Zen: There is no lightbulb and no socket Zen and the Art of LightBulb maintenance: I and the lightbulb are one being twisted into the socket on the way to enlightened nirvana. Beatles: I am the LightBulb, we are the lightbulb, goo goo K'chooo, coo, coo k'choo I'm flyyyyin... A recent Richard Dawkins Interview: Reporter: "Yes, Professor Dawkins, how many Darwinist do you say it takes to screw in a lightbulb?" Dawkins: "As Professor for Public Understanding of Science I proclaim to you in no uncertain terms, that its a simple answer... but uh, uh, arrrrrrggghhh those darn religionist thought of this question, right? If it was up to them, they would Break the Light Bulb! Warss! Death, Destruction! ID is just religion! We're dooooomed I tellya, dooooomed, science will never be the same....uhhh" Reporter: Ummm, Mr. Dawkins, pardon, uhhh.. Dawkins: and the Pope and Evangelicals ohhhh the dark, dark stories, and Mohammad, they're alllll the same! Death to science it will be, death! Did you see my dark, dreary story on the Buuh Buuh... Reporter: Ummm, Professor!!! Excuse me! Dawkins: uhhhmmmm hoommmm,,,, uh, yes? Reporter: I asked a simple question, could you stay on topic? Shouldn't you explain to the public how science helps instead of ranting against individuals free choice? Dawkins: Urrrrh... uh, yeah... I see what you mean, that is my title afterall, explaining science to the public. Well, yes, ok, question, question is, ahhh yes! The answer is None! We know the lightbulb evolved over time with all its parts thru mechanisms of random, or is that non-random, uh, yes, well, random mutation and natural selection to fit elegantly into a socket which itself had also evolved along a seperate pathway with circuits attached to the on/off switch that only recently has been discovered to respond to a highly efficient sound sequence of Clap On/Clap Off! Reporter: No! Dawkins: Ohhhh yes, yes... Clap On/Clap Off! And having recently discovered the missing link of an old rudimentary Switch we now have a full scale model of evolution! Of course Darwinian evolution predicted these pathways would converge in time for Granny to relax at bedtime with her favorite novel: From Apes to Atheist - a long romance over time. Reporter(Drooling): oh Thank you, thank you Professor for your exquisite illumination of Darwin's wonderful world and how we to can all be set free of perverse religious morals. And now, back to the main studio where anchor Charles O'Fallacy has a breaking news alert, that much like the fact of neo-Darwinism, Iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapon, never had plans to do so, nor does it want to wipe any nation off the earth. Charles - its all yours.... Anchor Charles O'Fallacy: Thank you Lucy... how fortunate we all are to have such Bright amongst us.... tune in next week for Pianca's Population Pickle. Michaels7
Richard Dawkins (once more): Are we talking Bright light bulbs? tb
Okay, a couple more additions: New Yorker: None of you @#!$%&*^ business! Buddhist: The light and the socket are one. Richard Dawkins (yet again!): Anyone who doubts that lightbulbs didn't evolve from sockets is either in the dark, stupid, insane 'dim'witted or wicked (but I'd rather not consider that!). Shakespeare: That which we call a light bulb by any other name would still give light. Dembski: One. To see this, you must first turn the light bulb on! DonaldM
Generic: It takes two. One who is selecting a bulb from a random infinite number of lightbulbs passing it on via random selection to the other. The other tossing it towards the socket hoping it would get a hold of the socket and by mere chance have the right flight pathway to screw itself into the socket to be lit. If the bulb will not succeed, it will be smashing to the ground, being discarded as not fit enough. Upon failure, this proceedure is repeated N-many times. Recently it was proclaimed that it would work if they would have say 3 Billion years of trying time. :) tb
Richard Dawkins: The light bulb appears designed to be screwed into the socket but this is an illusion. Random mutation & natural selection over millions of years caused the shapes to converge. Light bulbs and sockets aren't screwed together but they simply evolve in exactly the same place at the same time. DaveScot
I laughed hysterically reading this one: "Stephen J. Gould: None. The bulb jumped into the socket when no one was looking. Gradually" Very sharp indeed. :) My contributions: EvoWiki: None. It's an argument of ignorance. We accept that we couldn't identify a naturalistic pathway for it yet, but it deosn't mean there was a Darwinist behind this natural process. Science is a work in progress. Generic 4: None. Are you a creationist? Fred Hoyle: Well, claiming that no darwinist was behind it, is evidently nonsense of high order, but it should be a darwinist coming from deep space. Michael Behe: One. What is the selective advantage of having a light bulb screwed halfway. The bulb will not shine unless it is screwed completely. You see intermediate steps are not selectable and it is another example for IC. Richard Dawkins: None. Such arguments are a real threat to science, freedom, humanity, democracy, bureaucracy, you name it! Farshad
13. Eugenie Scott: None, but that doesn't preclude anybody from another faith believing that time and darwinian processes caused the lighbulb to become screwed in. In fact faith and evolutionary lightbulb processes are completely compatible. However it's just scientific fact that it occurred with only naturalistic mechanics. Furthermore in answer to questions about our 'outdated' K12 science textbooks showing students Haeckel's dimly lit, imaginary embryonic lightbulbs. We now know that fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, LED and OLED don't all evolve from the same stem-bulbs but it's the unifying theory behind this fallacy which is still relevant to today and portrays real science to our inquisitve young minds. We don't need some pseudo-scentific nonsense about 'Darwinists screwing in the bulbs'!! Richard Dawkins: None of course, you see it's the nature of the selfish genes in the lighbulb cells to gavitate towards the light fitting. Blindly the forces of nature worked together towards this Mt. Improbable. It is absolutely safe to say that, if you meet somebody who claims to believe in the 'Darwinist who wasn't there', that person is ignorant, stupid or insane (or wicked, but I’ rather not consider that) lucID
My gut has busted! My gut has busted! bFast
LOL.... haha, good list... a few non-random additions: Latest Darwinian Turn: The light bulb having gone through a "non-random" process was now able to produce a faster twist by itself with minimal error. John Davison: We know how it happened the first time! $#*#)@*$%@)_ Darwimpians! But it did not happen the second time! ;-) Sternberg at Smithsonian: I'm not allowed to question how the lightbulb is twisted into the socket now and they took the lightbulb, the switch, circuit and socket from my office. Note to Kansas: By completely unguided processes did the light bulb end up turned on in the socket Creationist: On the first day was light, the second day was the light seperated from the darkness of the room, third day was the bulb screwed in, fourth day was a light switch installed, 5th day it was named, and on the 6th day Eve told Adam to turn it on so she could look in the mirror. Theist Evolutionist: A day is as a thousand years, but we do agree Eve told Adam to turn the light on, with the exception that she told Adam to ask God for instructions having waited for so long while he fumbled without them. Biblical account: Abraham walked with the light, Isaac inherited the light, Jacob stole it and built a ladder to place the light in Yisrael, Moses wrote a "How To" instruction manual for climbing the ladder, Joshua cleared the way for one to climb the ladder to the light, the twelve tribes argued about 613 traditional ways to walk up the ladder for the light, Christ welcomed everyone into his mansion saying there are many rooms and many lightbulbs, sending forth 12 disciples to the world with goodnews of grace that he fulfilled all the instruction manuals steps of Moses, the prophets and Psalms, and even though all others failed, he'd lift them to the light to see how one screws in the bulb if they believed on him. And he would return one day as light eternal for those who repented of not following instructions and they would never have to screw in another light bulb. SciAm Editor: Thou shalt only read from one instruction manual! For we know it is a fact light bulbs scew themselves in! No one, not Presidents of Universities or Corporate CEO's have a right to question authority of SciAm! All Hail SciAm! Nevermind that Intel could eat the bugger in one chomp making SciAm extinct. Dembski: its encrypted within each probable turn.... Berlinski: I'm agnostic about the whole thing, but I love a spunky David who dares to sling rocks and break the mold with a new lightbulb and a new socket with no gloves for protection, and a heart for the light. Chutzpah! Colin: each turn was done with love Gandalf: the fact that grooves existed and the socket fit so finely is an exquisite recipe for teleological implications. Myself: Wild speculation, but a fisherman looking for his tackle box in the dark probably screwed it in after tossing a larger watt bulb back. :) lol.... Michaels7
in an attempt at humor!!! :) IDist: The lightbulb emits light and was screwed in by an intelligence. The lightning bug's rear emits light and therefore it must have been screwed in by an intelligence. Fross
Now that is a classic! LOL Saxe saxe17
Donald M and Scott, I like your additions. An hour ago I did think about a Pianka power surge scenario and you expressed it well, Scott. Donald M, I especially like your Eugenie Scott quote. I think I'll add your comments to the post. I also came up with this addition: ---------- Update: Richard Dawkins has accused me of leaving out one of his best arguments, so I add it below: Richard Dawkins: To say that it took a Darwinist to do the screwing in of the lightbulb is to explain precisely nothing. The obvious question becomes: Who did the screwing to create the Darwinist screwer? And who did the screwing to create that screwer? There would have to be an infinite regress of screwers. And if you invoke some invisible, mystical Unscrewed Screwer (for which we have no credible evidence) to start the whole thing off, why not just say that the lightbulb screwed itself in and be done with it? Matteo

Pianka: If we could just produce a directed surge of destructive electricity which would burn out 90% of the worlds light bulbs thereby conserving energy in the long-run and... ...you... you errr... didn't get that on tape, did you?

I saw this elsewhere earlier and added a couple addendums and alternatives which I'll pass along here, just for grins. Eugenie Scott: No one doubts that the light bulb got screwed into the socket. The only debate is over the details. Richard Dawkins: Evolution is the study of light bulbs that look as if they've been screwed into their sockets for a purpose. For S.J. Gould's answer: it's called punctuated illumination. And then we have to be careful about non-overlapping illuminarium. Daniel Dennett: Perhaps we should keep fundamentalist light bulb inserters in cultural zoos so future generations can see how "in the dark" they really are! DonaldM
Darwinists screwing in light bulbs? That's just plain ridiculous! Only an IDiot would believe something as stupid as that! Everybody with a working brain knows that random, unintelligent forces are perfectly capable of screwing them in! Why you might as well believe that fairies and leprechauns are doing it! Unbelievable!!! :lol: crandaddy
great find. Now this is a forward worth sending... wickett
Oh comeon you guys, you see design everywhere! Why on earth should we assume that if a light bulb is found in a socket it is caused by some grand "intelligent design". This is rediculous! Ain't nothin' allowed to "just happen" any more? bFast
This is freaking hilarious. Love it. Atom
Thanks, Gil, this is good! It's also fun how the absurdity of some of the positions comes through when reduced to a simple example like screwing in a light bulb. Eric Eric Anderson

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