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How not to diss Darwin


It’s in the air. Talk of replacing Darwinism. See, for example: Don’t let zoologists hog the stage at the upcoming Royal Society rethink evolution meet. Long overdue for a serious discussion.

That said, some cures really are worse than the disease. From Gatestone Institute, embedded in an article on the current bout of suppression of media in prospective EU member Turkey,

Turkish law professor Ayse Isil Karakas, both a judge and elected Deputy Head of the ECHR, said that among all member states, Turkey has ranked number one in the field of violations of free speech.

“619 lawsuits of freedom of expression were brought at the ECHR between 1959 and 2015,” she said. ” 258 of them — almost half of them — came from Turkey and most were convicted as violations of freedom of expression.”

For a country that fancies itself a candidate for EU membership, that is quite a record. Actually, when it comes to deciding what thoughts are warmly tolerated and what thoughts are severely punished, Turkey is extraordinary. If the statement involves Jew-hating for instance, it is welcomed by many.

Yes. On the face of it, one would think that the complainers are just extraordinarily sensitive, the sort of people who should never be left unattended at a bus station coffee shop in small town Canada, due to all the awful and dangerous things they might see and hear. 😉 But no. This, apparently, was okay:

Seyfi Sahin, a columnist in the Islamist pro-government newspaper Vahdet, wrote on January 31:

“I believe that the gorillas and chimpanzees living in the forests in northern Africa today are cursed Jews. Those are mutated, perverted people.

“Believe me, this view is stronger and more scientific than the Darwin theory. We Muslims, and those who believe that, do not have the banks, the money, the organizational power in the world of science, or the propaganda power to scream those truths. More.

Note: This link enables a literal translation, including: “The theory of evolution was put forward by a Jew called Darwin.”

I wouldn’t write this except to note for readers the fact that some individuals reject Darwinism for reasons we never knew and wouldn’t recognize. If the world starts to pay more attention to the issues surrounding rethinking evolution, well, those people are out there too. Forewarned is forearmed. – Denyse O’Leary for News

See also: The flying horse defends himself against Dawkins

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Of course, this all may seem somewhat "funny," that is, God changing things (humans in this case) into simians, but instantly. Nevertheless, in theistic evolutionary terms, God did just that, but in reverse, and in slow imperceptible increments, in order to get to humans! Let's him who is without sin cast the first morphological stone! mw
Perhaps we should spare a thought for Harun Yahya, a long age creationist Muslim Turk. He has produced many free books and articles on the subject. http://www.atlasofcreation.com, even coming to the attention of the Council of Europe, as dangerous to evolution theory. What can only be describes as a much biased secularist European Council, a biased Wikipedia on this matter comments: "In his numerous anti-Darwinist works, [Yahya] tries to prove the absurdity and unscientific nature of the theory of evolution, which is for him only one of Satan’s greatest deceptions. However, the pseudo-scientific method he uses in his work The Atlas of Creation cannot in any way be considered scientific ... on page 60 of this work we see a superb photograph of a fossil of a perch with a claim in the caption that this fish has not evolved over millions of years. That, however, is wrong: a detailed study of the fossil and perches living today shows that, on the contrary, they have evolved a great deal. Unfortunately, Yahya’s book is full of this type of falsehood."  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Atlas_of_Creation Marvelous short sighted straw-man logic. The perch is indeed still a perch; yes evolution within the limits of the original framework of the species operates, possibly a pre-programmed adaptivity or ongoing. Most of the world thinks we evolved from simians, and others that certain Jews, God turned into simians, who as a "stiff-necked race" even as Yahweh said, nevertheless were first chosen to be given the Ten Commandments containing the Genesis Sabbath Commandment. I can only think that such a personal spiritual force as Satan could only conclude, "in intellectual pride, beguilement, hate, degraded, and divided - gotcha." I wonder; how did the angels and Satan evolve: Satan through an imp? mw
I was astounded to read that certain Jews had been turned into apes and pigs by Allah. Metaphor surely? However, read http://www.answering-islam.org/Authors/Arlandson/jew_apes.htm Surely, we are one race; the human race, through divine intelligence. Nor am I a racist by citing the link. I have known devout peaceful Muslems who put so called Judaeo-Christians to shame. England, home of Darwin, who rejected both the Old Testament, as false history, and the Gospels as untrustworthy; by 2067, a piece from the Spectator projected the end of Christianity in his homeland, http://www.spectator.co.uk/2015/06/2067-the-end-of-british-christianity/ What a surprise! Re-think Darwinism! mw
If I follow the thread here its that freedom of speech is right but what what you say. Fine but no one is to dictate speech. I have no problem with anything people say unless its malicious or to cause actual harm. The malice is unwelcome but thats freedom too. In canada and america freedom of speech is being attacked and denied. Creationism is just another target . Robert Byers

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