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Human experience is what makes sense of the written word

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If thoughts were data, machines could write:

He makes another point that is often drowned out by deafening AI hype: Most such technical advances appropriate the low-paid labor of countless human beings. For example, thousands of stories online are blended to produce an algorithm that spits out copy in response to opening sentences fed to it. Steven Poole ripostes, “When a human writer commits plagiarism, that is a serious matter. But when humans get together and write a computer program that commits plagiarism, that is progress.”

This is also true of AI translation and machine vision. Because all these areas are so new, the right questions about fair distribution of social rewards have yet to be asked. Mind Matters

The fact that creativity does not follow computational rules may well be a ceiling for machine writing and it is not made of glass.

See also: AI can write novels and screenplays better than the pros! #2 in Top Ten AI hypes of 2018 (Robert J. Marks)


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