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Doug Axe: Every reason for optimism on deepest questions in biology

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From the conclusion of Douglas Axe’s Undeniable:

That the deepest questions in biology have not yet been answered means they are still asking to be answered. Anyone who cares to examine the facts carefully will see that the old answers were wrong. They have now been erased, in our minds anyway, and we must sit down to take the test again, with new minds and new resolve. Having learned much since Darwin’s day, we have every reason for optimism this time. Speaking as a scientist, I can’t think of a more attractive message to convey to young people of technical ability.

Speaking as a human, though, I see something even more beautiful. Yes, the deepest questions in the scientific study of life are up for grabs, and this is exciting for the technically minded. But the deepest truths of life itself, and of human life in particular, were never really up for grabs. These were never restricted to the most clever. Some things, of course, can only be seen by standing on the shoulders of giants, but the most crucial things have always been seen best by standing on the ground.

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Either there are way more creationists in developmental biology than we thought or the book raises broader concerns than creationism.

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    Already one of my favorite books of all-time. Thank you, Dr. Axe.

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