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Why do U.S. media care where American politicians “stand” on “evolution”?


Whatever the media understand the term “evolution” to mean. Whatever politicians could do about it.

Is it a secret hunger for the fascist dominance so well exhibited by one of their heros, H.L. Mencken?

From O’Leary for News at Salvo:

Recently, Phil Plait informed his shocked readers at Slate of a dreadful secret about Republican vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence:

You know anyone picked by Trump to be his running mate almost certainly will have a problem with established science, of course, but it turns out Pence is also a young Earth creationist. And one with a lot of conviction about it, too. In 2002, while a congressman from Indiana, he gave a short speech on the floor of Congress denying evolution, and used quite a few misleading, if not outright false, claims.

The fact that approximately two-fifths of Democrat voters are apparently young Earth creationists attracts no similar attention.

It’s a curious feature of U.S. politics, as seen from Canada, that American media—in the face of serious science-related problems like totalitarian nations having access to plutonium—continue to obsess about what Republican politicians believe about evolution. They do not seem to grasp that the remote past may not matter much if the next two weeks prove to be an apocalyptic horror.

One day, years ago, a Canadian political maven turned to me and asked (with respect to a different campaign), “Who cares how old that guy thinks Earth is? Why [does it matter]?” Was he running for president of the Evolution Society? More.

“Evolution” (code for “thinking our way”) matters far more to failing mainstream media people than to most people. That values skew, along with many similar ones, helps us understand the failed predictions and seas of red ink that have come to define their industry.

Their problem is not that they are hostile but that they are just not on top of things… just plain out of it…

The problem for us UD folk, who are genuinely interested in the subject of evolution, is how best to communicate with the public on the new high seas of the internet.

A good problem to have! After all, the sheer noise is dying down.

See also: Nature: Scientists “stunned” by Trump win.  I (O’Leary for News) will do no more than suggest that if the “stunned” had spent less time preening and more time examining the problems of the American electorate as the electorate perceives them, they might have avoided the all that “fear and disbelief.”


Why the mainstream media was bound to call the U.S. election wrong

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The media care what Republicans believe about evolution, because if the Republican in question gives the "wrong" answer when asked, it's another excuse to point at a Republican and laugh. A Democrat, on the other hand, can believe whatever he wants and nobody in the media cares. EvilSnack
Michael Skinner on Epigenetics: Stage Three Alert - Cornelius Hunter - December 4, 2016 Excerpt: What Skinner and the evolutionists don't tell you is that in light of their theory, none of this makes sense. With epigenetics the biological variation evolution needs is not natural. It is not the mere consequence of biophysics -- radiation, toxins, or other mishaps causing DNA mutations. Rather, it is a biological control system. It is not simple mistakes, but complex mechanisms. It is not random, but directed. It is not slow, but rapid. It is not a single mutation that is selected, but simultaneous changes across the population. This is not evolution. As Skinner inconveniently realizes, such epigenetics are found across a wide range of species. They are widely conserved and, for evolution, this is yet more bad news. http://www.evolutionnews.org/2016/12/michael_skinner103338.html
I would like to know if "evolution" has anything to do with "origins". Those who defend the teaching of evolution in K-12 schools say that it does not. If so, then as far as I am concerned, it is just a matter of science dealing with variations among lifeforms, the details of which still need to be sorted out. Can anyone here cite examples from K-12 text books that attach an "origins" meaning to evolution? BrianFraser
Belief in evolution generally always corresponds with disbelief in free will. I think it is very relevant to know if a politician accepts the fact that people have free will. So it matters a lot whether a politician accepts evolution or not. mohammadnursyamsu
News, I would modify, is not utterly dominant anymore -- there are as yet many compliant sheeple. Talk radio, alienated working classes [who challenge the establishment across the elite political spectrum], too many scandals, too much gap between rhetoric and reality for too many. Bring in the age of online media and before that the broadening of access through cable TV. The dominant houses are crumbling, and though not utterly broken, there is some hope of an awakening. KF PS: Also, let us not underestimate the ideological message that if one rejects the evolutionary materialistic view, adherents often think one is a menace to "science" and must be ignorant, stupid, insane and/or wicked. They are usually unaware of the appalling bigotry and projection involved. kairosfocus
kairofocus at 1: As a person who spent me life in news, I find curious the fact that information dominance isn't working any more. That is a genuinely historic change. We will see where it leads. I hope it will lead more people to think carefully about information as a concept: Data basic News
News, because evolutionary materialism dressed up in the lab coat is the heart of their ideology, they need to attend instead to its inescapable self-referential incoherence [thus self falsification] and its utter amorality [thus moral bankruptcy]. The latter was sternly pointed out on major record as long ago as Plato's The Laws, Bk X -- 2350+ years past. But, agit-prop and indoctrination driven message dominance and institution dominance count, count above the actual merits of the case. Count, all the more, in a deeply polarised era in which the media hacks are casting about desperately for who to target and blame -- hint: look in your friendly neighbourhood mirror -- in their determined agit prop in the face of recent reverses in the US and UK. KF kairosfocus

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