19 Replies to “I No Longer Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist

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    idnet.com.au says:

    Excellent power point and talk. Thanks for making it available.

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    bornagain77 says:

    Where is the talk?

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    GilDodgen says:

    Unfortunately it wasn’t recorded, but the PowerPoint contains almost all of it.

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    jbowman says:

    Thanks, I’m a student minister and I’m looking forward to sharing this with my kids. Next month is our “apologetics” month.

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    Collin says:

    I enjoyed this very much, especially the quotations from the great scientists.

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    kairosfocus says:


    I chime in: EXCELLENT!

    GEM of TKI

    PS: JB, this may help you as a backup. The Origins Science in Society section will be particularly relevant to those looking to be students, educators and citizens. I notice a “lot” of folks seem to want to look at the section on scientific cosmology and timelines, too.

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    bornagain77 says:

    OT: For any Okies reading UD, Dr. Behe and company are coming to Oklahoma in March;

    Darwin v. Design Conference Coming to Oklahoma to Address Debate Over Science and God

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    StephenB says:

    Gil, this is a great presentation. I really appreciate the way you organize your thoughts. It’s easy to follow because you begin with a personal story, describe the atheist mind set, and show the way back to rationality.

    Because your multifaceted approach draws from history, mathematics, and science, it will appeal to most members of your audience, regardless of their background.

    What a great way of dramatizing the delicate construction of the fine-tuned constants of the universe. Assuming a universe-wide yardstick with a length of 14,000,000,000 light years, a variation of 1-inch on that same scale is of sufficient magnitude to render life impossible when applied to the individual physical constants. Excellent!

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    StephenB says:

    Oops, that should be “assuming a universe [long] yardstick of 14,000,000,000 light years”……..

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    GilDodgen says:

    The bottom line is that atheism and materialism represent completely irrational philosophical, mathematical, and empirical constructs.

    Attempts on the part of Darwinists and materialists to defend their transparently bankrupt hypotheses have reduced them to ideologues who are impervious to reason.

    This is trivially obvious.

    You wouldn’t have wanted to know me when I was a militant atheist. I was a terrible person. I hated the God I thought did not exist. My soul obviously knew that He existed, because He created my soul, and I was mad at Him for bringing me into existence with no ultimate purpose or meaning.

    Fortunately, I was eventually un-poisoned and detoxified by logic, reason, evidence, and an extraordinary encounter with Jesus Christ.

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    Leslie says:

    I went to the link, but it didn’t work. It said it was suspended or something. Anywhere else to get the power point?

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    GilDodgen says:

    I have some huge files available for download at that site. It appears my bandwidth allotment may have been exceeded. I’ll get that fixed.

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    GilDodgen says:

    Come to think of it, those big files have been available since last July, and this happened the day after I provided the link to the atheism file. This suggests that UD has a large readership, and lots of people were interested in my presentation!

    UD admins: Does UD have some spare bandwidth?

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    Bruce Phillips says:

    At 2:05 this afternoon – still “suspended.” Will you please notify us if there’s a different channel? I’d love to see the presentation.

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    GilDodgen says:

    It appears that my atheism file created such a huge server load that my website was shut down. I’m trying to resolve the problem.

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    GilDodgen says:

    After some investigation, I suspect that I might be a victim of a denial-of-service attack. This would be perfectly consistent with Darwinian tactics.

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    JasonB says:

    Remember Gil that evolution is unguided, so it wouldn’t be correct to describe any tactics as Darwinian. I think they would prefer you describe what you experienced as inevitable due to selective pressures.

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    StephenB says:

    —Gil: “After some investigation, I suspect that I might be a victim of a denial-of-service attack. This would be perfectly consistent with Darwinian tactics.”

    Gil, a Darwinist assured me that those attacks were not designed with apriori intent; they emerged sponteneously as an unplanned historical phenomenon.

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