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    bornagain says:


    Imagine Heaven – video series
    Description: John Burke has researched over a thousand accounts of people who have experienced life after death and come back to share their experience, as well as interviewed several in person. He’s researched what the Bible, scholars and experts have to say on the topic.

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    Robert Byers says:

    That was so beautiful and cool. its of interest to YEC origins also. We need to explain cave formations in limited timelines. They say thousands etc years are needed to make the formations in caves . I say they were created suddenly by drippings and these ice examples can add evidence to how these things grow suddenly. no long time needed. In fact if one did not see it one might never imagine it could happen. Mechaism is hidden until found. Just like in biology.

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    bornagain says:

    OT: Just when you think you can’t be surprised any more …

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    C.S. Lewis Was a Secret Government Agent
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    Harry Lee Poe/ December 10, 2015

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