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ID and Prager University

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As many UD readers know, I was once a Richard Dawkins-style atheist. I was not just an ordinary, garden-variety atheist, but a really obnoxious, nasty, self-aggrandizing, pathetically prideful atheist like Dawkins. I prided myself in using my intellectual capacities in an attempt to destroy any belief that materialism cannot explain everything.

What a fool I was. The story of my conversion is available, but the most salient point concerning ID is that my interest and expertise in basic science, engineering, and especially highly sophisticated computational algorithms, led me to recognize the inherent design in living systems and the transparent desperation of ID opponents to explain away the obvious.

A major influence in my journey over the years has been Dennis Prager. I first started listening to him on the radio more than 20 years ago. His intelligence, eloquence, and articulation about ultimate issues had a profound effect on me.

Prager is a Jew, not a mindless evangelical Christian.

For those who are interested, check out Prager University, especially here and here.

I just took the "Are you a Liberal?" test. Apparently I'm "not yet a Conservative, but I'm not a Liberal"!! Grunty
kairos is correct. The stereotype is that only science-denying evangelical Christians believe in ID and challenge Darwinian orthodoxy. I happen to be a science-affirming evangelical Christian. We actually do exist. GilDodgen
Wow, I just completed 12 credits in the space of an hour! PU degree, here I come! paragwinn
I think Gil was trying to cite a common prejudice against Bible-believing Christians, which last describes just what he now is. kairosfocus
'Prager is a Jew, not a mindless evangelical Christian'-you certainly need to improve your bridge builing skills -not all evangelicals are mindless and not all Jews are mindful Mike

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