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200 million-year-old eel, discovered alive, predates current eel fossils

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From escience News (August 17, 2011), we learn learn, “Scientists discover the most primitive living eel”: Protoanguilla palau. Off Palau.

“The equivalent of this primitive eel, in fishes, has perhaps not been seen since the discovery of the coelacanth in the late 1930s,” said Dave Johnson, ichthyologist at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and lead author of the team’s research. “We believe that such a long, independent evolutionary history, dating back to the early Mesozoic (about 200 million years ago), retention of several primitive anatomical features and apparently restricted distribution, warrant its recognition as a living fossil.”

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Why would you name your entry this way? It's very confusing, and misleading for a lay person. thud
Its only been six thousand years since creation. 4500 since noahs flood. everything that ever lived is an option to still be around in obscure areas. Every now and then they find a small thing in deep water. It escaped notice. it is a problem for a theory demanding that time has the ability and did use that ability to change a bug into a buffalo. Such great time surely would not allow anything to stay even remotely close to its origin. They can't so easily say the right hole will permit no evolutionary need to act. They say evolution with so much time can do anything and do nothing at all. Such a power and such a control of that power seems IMPOSSIBLE. The odds here are impossible. God creating and having alternative natural mechanisms for change seems not only MORE possible but in comparison down right true. Put a fork in it. TOE is done. Robert Byers
Yeah, I don't know why they call these features primitive. We know this has to be the same species, because as Dr. Liddle has repeatedly reminded us, one species cannot turn into another species. Is this another example of poor design? Don't good designs have a short shelf life? Mung
Wonder how long those "primitive" features remain primitive. tragic mishap

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