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ID at Frazier Park Town Hall


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Hello all,

Just a quick note to introduce myself – name is Doug Moran. I’ve been invited to occaisionally post items of interest about ID on this blog. In my day job I am Director, R&D at a technology company (that I prefer not to name for now) where I oversee research and development activities focused on communications and image processing systems. I’m a UCLA alumni (’84 – go Bruins!) with a degree in Electrical Engineering, minor in Economics, and strong interest in all things Physics (started out as a Physics major but my wife “helped” me see the economic benefits of switching to engineering 🙂 . My interest in ID is twofold: first, I find the science/mathematics behind ID theory facinating in their own right. Second, I marvel at the convulsions of the general scientific community as we all observe the emergence of a foundational new scientific theory. How often in one’s lifetime can that happen?

For my part, I promise to make every effort to be completely objective, not attack anyone’s beliefs, and focus just on the topics of Intelligent Design.

In my first post (link above) I find a brief opinion about a town hall meeting held to provide information about ID. It strikes me that when confronted with the rational arguments for ID without irrational attacks on everything else, ID is very difficult not to accept at least in principle, and impossible to avoid as a topic of intense scientific interest. It is also interesting how little the general public really knows about ID, and how open they are to the theory when it is presented as intended.

Dinosaurs were doomed to extinction with or without any catastrophic events. They were a necessary interlude in the inexorable march toward the birds and mammals and the final production of Homo sapiens, the most recent and the ultimate product of a completely prescribed evolutionary scenario. How do you like them yogurt covered raisins? Don't be shy. Let me know what you really think. "War, God help me, I love it so." General George S. Patton, with Albert Einstein and myself a convinced predestinationist. John Davison
Dr. Davison wrote The dinosaurs exhibited all kinds of wierd “adaptations?” which may be one of the many reasons they all became extinct! You don't think the cataclysmic formation of the Gulf of Mexico 65 million years ago causing devastating climate change may have had something to do with the mass extinction of the dinosaurs at the end of the Cretaceous period? Xavier
Bombadill - Thanks for the advice. I'll do my best... dougmoran
I was intrigued by the article about the duck billed Lambeosaur and what the function of the bony crest was. Why presume a function at all? The dinosaurs exhibited all kinds of wierd "adaptations?" which may be one of the many reasons they all became extinct! It is interesting that the surviving crocodiles and alligators are free of all that wierd ornamentation which may have been just incidental and perhaps detrimental expressions of what results when chromosomal information becomes reorganized. The abnormally tiny forelimbs of T. rex may have a similar explanation. The many unsuccessful animals that appeared only to disappear over the millennia suggest that there may have been a kind of culling involved in evolutionary creativity. Maybe the BFL (Big Front Loader in the Sky) was an experimentalist! This experimentalist would like to think so. Just a thought. "It is undesirable to believe a proposition when there is no ground whatsoever for believing it to be true." Bertrand Russell So much for presumed "adaptations" and the Darwinian paradigm generally. I have always had problems with the aquisition of adaptations through natural selection anyway. It may be just another aspect of the Darwinian fairy tale like natural selection itself. I'll bet the environment and natural selection had absolutely nothing to do with these wierd manifestations of a purely endogenous evolutionary mechanism. These strange creatures were probably, like liberal and conservative humans, just "born that way." How do you Darwinian mystics out there in cyberspace like them sauteed sweet Swedish sausages over a bed of sauerkraut? They make you belch don't they. I hope they give you gas for weeks on end. I love it so! John Davison
Welcome, Doug! Things to know: 1. Never wake Crandaddy from his naps. 2. No burning the beds 3. If you leave any uneaten food around. DaveScot will consume it. Bombadill
Welcome Doug. I think we have an over-representation of engineers (a design oriented profession) in this weblog! Salvador scordova
Welcome aboard Doug! DaveScot

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