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Coffee!! Atheist of the year fired for misrepresenting credentials


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A former Methodist minister-turned-atheist has been fired from her high-ranking post at Harvard University last week after it was discovered that she had falsified her resume.

Teresa MacBain was formerly a United Methodist pastor in Florida before announcing at the American Atheists convention in 2012 that she had lost her faith and had decided to become an atheist. MacBain’s announcement led to a large amount of publicity, including the American Atheists organization naming her the “Atheist of the Year” for 2012. Additionally, she was named the organization’s public relations director in the same year.

But she is presumably still atheist of the year?

Gosh, if you are going to be an atheist (more work, usually than just belonging to a religious group but not following the rules), you should surely cover your wee-waws better than that?

I'm truly surprised that people still find ways to exaggerate and embellish their resumes. Do they seriously think that HR doesn't perform due diligence when it comes to hiring? Barb

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