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ID bashed also in Germany — Why can’t we all just be friends?


[From a colleague in Germany:] Recently your name in connetion with ID did appear in several (liberal) newspapers here in Germany, mostly of course accompanied by unqualified critic. You surely experience this yourself often enough in the US, lately I saw e.g. a scientist and ID-opponent on the O’Reily Show (Fox News) directly attacking ID and you. O’Reily tried to defend a bit, but he is no scientist. . . . As a representative of our German Anti-ID-Artciles, I have attached one from the “Süddeusche Zeitung” from July 12th 2005 [for the article, go here]. We see this whole movement as a stirring up of the (atheistic) science community also here in Germany. I would no go so far to say that any press is a good press, but at least evolutionists become fearful at this side of the ocean, too. Thats a good thing. . . .

After a typically biased presentation down in Oz there was an internet poll which came up with 34% supporting teaching ID in schools. A significant rump don't you think! I'm sure the result would have been much higher if ID was presented correctly in an unbiased way. Even so this far from convincing result will have the evolutionist band hopping mad down here too. :-) petro
Darwinian narrative apologists defend their dogma with like RELIGIOUS fervor. ;-) DaveScot
Just make sure you and Behe don't get the big head with all this attention ya'll are getting. ;) Smidlee
Yes, ID is bashed here in Austria and Germany. Often, the attacks are combined with an undertone of criticism against the current US administration. There is sometimes the flair of a big cultural war, instead of the atmosphere of a factual debatte about origins. The attacks against ID here are nearly the the same as in the USA and often absolute ridiculous and overheated. In 2005 ID has become a real topic in our media. And this is at all not a bad development. Some evolutionist are jumping like the Rumpelstilzchen although there is not a real ID-movement in the german speaking area and only very limited ID-activity. Few pro-ID letters in a newspaper (after some Anti-ID-articles) are enough to cause alarm in some circles...;-) Markus Rammerstorfer

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