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“Being as Communion” Ships

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For those of us who are among the unprivileged masses without access to advance copies, I present a photo of what showed up at my door yesterday:

Being as Communion

I look forward to delving in as time permits in the coming months.

I feel like the real argument didn't start till Chapter 10. Up till then the subtitle could have been "Intelligent Design for Thomists and Thomas Nagel". lol Still only in Chapter 12 though. tragic mishap
Chapter 8 is the most interesting so far. Dembski defined intelligent design, argues that it is not mechanistic, that it is not in opposition to innate teleology, and identifies different ways in which the "materialist-refuting logic" used by ID advocates has been formulated. Quite a bit for a single chapter. Mung
"Materialism is adept at transforming illusions of possibility into settled verities." - Wm. Dembski Mung
Thanks for the reminder. Came yesterday for me. tragic mishap
But it's not windy all day EA:) The rustling in the trees rises and falls, Lots of information in that there Nature. I'm only half way through my first read of the book - no reference to the lyrics of "Home on the Range" yet. I think once you start reading the book, EA, you will finish fairly quickly. Good stuff. Chapters are short and deep. ppolish
As an monistic advaidistic buddhist, I couldn't agree more. Vishnu
ppolish: Yeah, the area in the photograph looked very familiar to me, but I hadn't looked to see where it was taken. I was up in that area whitewater rafting on the Snake River two months ago. Remarkable country.
So what does “And the sky is not cloudy all day” mean?
Is this question in the book? I've wondered this very question (and posed it to my kids) for years. It's cloudy only part of the day. :) Oh, and often quite windy! Eric Anderson
Ok, made it to Chapter 10 today at work, and really looking forward to the other 10 chapters. Dr D in cahoots with Atheist anti-Darwinist Dr Nagel to show materialism is sadly lacking. Dr D so much easier to read than Dr Nagel btw. Although I am skipping the plentiful footnotes on this first read:) I work in a one person "Mom & Pop" bicycle shop. Procrastination is allowed for book reading. Although I have to get Wednesday's work done tomorrow, I still hope to finish. Enlightening stuff. I think I will be able to better understand the importance of "search for a search". ppolish
Love the cover photo "Where the Buffalo roam" by Glen Hush. I'm just starting Chapter 3 "Information as Ruling Out Possibilities" where Alice is describing the weather outside to Bob. So what does "And the sky is not cloudy all day" mean? Partly cloud? Cloudless? Judging from the book's cover, I'm going with the former:) ppolish

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