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ID-friendly Brazilian prof wins medal

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A friend writes to draw attention to this.

Skinny: Marcos Eberlin of the University of Campinas, Brazil, has received the 2016 Thomson Medal for outstanding achievement in mass spectrometry. This prize is awarded biennially by the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation, and will be presented at their upcoming meeting in Toronto.

Eberlin is said to be the best-known advocate of intelligent design in Brazil.

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Elshamah @3 Thank you for the book information. Dionisio
PaV @2 Yes, your translation seems correct. Portuguese is not my language, but it's very close to Spanish. That text is from the first verse of a popular 1969 Brazilian song. The Portuguese word "abençoado" corresponds to the Spanish word "bendecido". The rest of the words in that statement spell very similarly to their Spanish equivalents. Deus = Dios Natureza = naturaleza e = y Phonetically their language have sounds (at least one) that I don't recall hearing it in Spanish. For example, the Portuguese word for "heart" ends in a sound that I did not know before. Russian and Polish languages also include sounds that are difficult for me to imitate. I think Italian language has the easiest phonetics, but Spanish is not too far behind. Dionisio
Check out Marcos Eberlins excellent book about intelligent design ( its in english ) https://www.widbook.com/ebook/life-and-the-universe-by-intelligent-design?ic=1&returnUrl=%2febook%2fchapters%2flife-and-the-universe-by-intelligent-design Elshamah
Dionisio: It reminds me of what the Chinese say: "In our country you can't criticize the government, but you can criticize Darwin; in your country you can criticize the government, but you can't criticize Darwin." (Brazil: a tropical country blessed by God and naturally beautiful"?) PaV
Congratulations to Dr. Eberlin! Well done! The Darwinian establishment censorship police doesn't understand Portuguese language, much less the Brazilian version. They barely understand English. :) When they got the news in English about the 2016 recipient of this prestigious award, probably they mobilized their agents, who could watch this (see link below) and other video presentations by Professor Eberlin, but couldn't understand much of what Dr. Eberlin was saying so eloquently and passionately. Hence they might have assumed that it's alright. :) When they hear ID proponents in English, they don't understand either, but since it's in English, they conclude that it must be wrong, otherwise they would have understood it. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkI8-GvrzpA In either case, life goes on. :) Brasil - pais tropical abençoado por Deus e bonito por natureza. Dionisio

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