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ID’s War on Darwin’s Empire of Untruth


See the cartoon below by Hiromi Makita in full size here and here in hi resolution.

ID's War on Darwin's Castle

From: Japanese Scientists Growing More Interested in Intelligent Design by Rob Crowther.

Eugenie never looked better! And who's the guy fleeing the castle at the bottom of the page? chunkdz
hilarious EJ Klone
Sal Thanks for posting this. I had wondered about where images came from. tribune7
I like how the cartoon shows the Darwinists own cannonballs are helping crack the foundation. Barry! That thing is a hoot!! tribune7
I've traveled all over the world, and I hope no one thinks I am uncharitable (or even churlish) if I suggest that this cartoon is another example of something I have observed many times. Humor often does not transfer well from one culture to another. BarryA
Awesome Jason Rennie

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