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If dark matter is everywhere why isn’t it detected?

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3-D impression of dark matter via Hubble

From Ethan Siegel at Forbes:

We do have dark matter in our Solar System, and it ought to have real effects on every other particle of matter around it. If there’s any interaction cross-section between normal matter particles and dark matter particles, then direct detection experiments should have a chance to discover it right here on Earth. And even if there isn’t, the gravitational effects of the dark matter passing through the Solar System, both gravitationally captured and gravitationally free, should affect the orbits of the planets. But until our measurements become more and more precise, there simply isn’t enough of a gravitational effect to result in anything detectable. For the meantime, we have to look to the Universe beyond, not our own Solar System, to see dark matter’s effects on spacetime. More.

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More epicycles to keep their present theories alive - honest astrophysicist will tell you, when you add up all the unreconciled pieces of the standard model applied to the cosmos, it would be thrown out in any other discipline, as the added epicycles to keep it going are enormous. Inflation for example, was only stuck into the theory to explain why our universe is fairly flat with an somewhat equal distribution of matter. But when Cern is comming out and saying, through anti-matter studies, our universe should not exist, and then you have the most incredibly unlikely parameters that would allow for inflation - you are either adding to the fine-tuning argument, or you are spinning tales. Many astrophysicists are very uncomfortable with inflation theory, as it is yet another arbitrary factor, stuck in to explain observation, combine this with Dark Matter and Dark energy, around 80% of the universe!! (reminds me of the ASSUMPTION of "junk" DNA, now they even have "dark" DNA, just insert a word and act as if it solves something. Plus hundreds of other tweeks (the big bang model is not one model as most of us think, there are several proposals to get over tremendous hurdles), it soon becomes evident, they are simply trying to fit a round peg in a square hole... in many ways they need to go back to the drawing board, which many are, like with E8 crystal, quantum gravity thoery where consciousness is considered fundamental, to the holographic principle - I am fine with a digital universe - it's a 3D+T work of art by the creator, not by an infinite regression of "advanced civilizations" as in the gamers favorite: the simulation thoery.. there anything but a creator, is leading toward a creator is what I get a kick out of... the more structured and and information based you get, the closer you get to MIND - just like the encoding and decoding system of DNA, which OF COURSE did not come about by chance - why in the world would a cell bother to create such incredibly complex digital processing systems and repair mechanisms? It takes a mind to do this!!!! This is why when Watson and Crick understood that the immaterial information stored in the DNA molecule had huge implications - one became a deist and the other claimed aliens did it...they both knew, this does not happen with random chemical reactions, no matter how much time passes - language or digital code (same thing), only come from an intelligence. Tom Robbins
timothya,, ha ha ha, but how do you know??? they have not found dark matter yet!!! :) bornagain77
Yes, BA77, you are correct, dark matter and donkeys do not correlate. timothya
Where are the dark stars and dark planets? aarceng
If our galaxy has lots of this dark matter, then an explanation should be forthcoming that tells us why it appears to be distributed exactly in proportion to the visible matter of our solar system--or else we never would have arrived at our current mathematical models of gravity--but distributed in a different pattern in other parts of the cosmos. EvilSnack
Off topic,,, but Easter related:
The Cross on the Donkey's back? It has definitely been earned. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/35/57/d4/3557d4586c9f8294fd806f06ca133af6.jpg On a Donkey's Back From that very first Christmas in Bethlehem, this animal has been the essence of humility, hard work and devotion. - Jun 30, 2014 Excerpt: The cross of dark brown fur that the donkey carries on its back is said by folk belief to be a mark of this event, the greatest of all its feats. There are important historical reasons for Jesus' choosing a donkey for that last and greatest journey. In doing so he was fulfilling a prophecy that the Messiah would come into Jerusalem, as Matthew puts it, "meek, and sitting upon an ass." But the basic message Jesus conveyed with this gesture shows that, history and prophecy aside, he knew what every donkey lover in history has known. In their comical, occasionally stubborn, but more often lovable way, these hardworking animals are an embodiment of the message that lies at the very heart of the Christian story. True holiness is found not in temples and palaces, but in the humblest., poorest, most ordinary places—and in the people and the creatures that the world most often takes for granted. Looked at from that perspective, it's only fitting that the long-suffering donkey—the little animal that carries the world on its back—should have ended up carrying the person who himself came to carry, and redeem, the world's burdens once and for all. https://www.guideposts.org/friends-and-family/pets/on-a-donkeys-back
Physicists describe new dark matter detection strategy- No news yet ET
To all mainstream physicists and astronomers: You should first try to figure out what really causes gravity. No, you don't know. Only after you solve this nagging little problem will you be wise enough to speculate about undetectable things. Dark matter, dark energy, accelerating universal expansion, Big Bang, etc. are just superstition until you know what causes gravity. Until then, your ignorance is glaring and, frankly, embarrassing. FourFaces

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