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If You Understand Nothing Else About Evolution Understand IFF

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Should Christians reject evolution because it violates the Bible by leaving no room for Adam and Eve and the Fall, or should Christians accept evolution because it is the obvious scientific conclusion? That, according to one history professor, is how the debate will be framed at an upcoming conference. If so, it would be an unfortunate repeat of a centuries old false dichotomy and what would be missing would be any discussion of what evolution really is.  Read more

4 Replies to “If You Understand Nothing Else About Evolution Understand IFF

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    Mung says:

    Evolutionary truth claims are not vulnerable to science, for they are not scientific to begin with.

    But, but, but

    If it could be shown that some feature could not possibly have been built up by minute unobservable, slight variations each minutely and insensibly preserved by natural selection my theory would absolutely break down!

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    Robert Byers says:

    Bible believing christians should believe the bible. so boundaries in nature are set. No evolution etc.
    Thew only reason Christians or anyone should not believe the bible or believe evolution is that based upon the evidence.
    The quality and quantity of evidence , well done / scientific, is what must be demanded.
    Until these days this has not happened. iTs been either a acceptance or rejection of authority that has ruled.
    If evolution is bunk then there couldn’t be good evidence for evolution.
    If evolution is true then there should be enough evidence to embarrass critics.
    I’m not embarrassed.

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    Mung says:

    It seems to me that a great deal of evolving had to take place after the flood.

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