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If you want to thank God for evolution, here is who you will rub shoulders with, among others

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At one of Michael Dowd’s seminars on evolutionary Christianity.

= We are a big improvement on our forbears, with all the humility that implies. Speakers:

Kevin Kelly
Charles H Townes
Jim Burklo
Ross Hostetter
John Polkinghorne
Owen Gingerich
Ursula King
Paul Smith
Ian Barbour

Gail Worcelo
William D Phillips
Matthew Fox
Richard Rohr
Linda Gibler
Denis Lamoureux
Ted Davis
Gloria Schaab
Michael Morwood
Bruce Sanguin
Brian Mclaren
Karl Giberson
Kenneth R Miller
John F Haught
John Shelby Spong
Sally Morgenthaler
Doug Pagitt
Tom Thresher
Spencer Burke
Joan Chittister
Ian Lawton
Ilia Delio
Philip Clayton
Diarmuid O Murchu
Michael Dowd
John Cobb
Joan Roughgarden
Gretta Vosper
Mary Southard

Of course, if you want science, read Behe’s Edge of Evolution or Dembski’s Design Inference or Stephen Meyer’s Signature in the Cell (Harper One, 2009).

As I've said here before, a lot of the people interviewed as part of Michael Dowd's project do not share his particular vision of worshiping the process of evolution. A lot of us believe things that Michael relegates to Stone-Age Religion, things such as the actual existence of a transcendent Creator or the actual bodily Resurrection of Jesus or the sorts of theological beliefs articulated in the ecumenical creeds. In this thread, his project is (understandably, for those who haven't listened very closely to it or examined the contents very closely) assumed to be all of a piece. It's not. My suggestion is this: listen to some of these interviews, such as those involving me, Polkinghorne, Lamoureux, Phillips, Miller, Townes, or Gingerich; listen carefully to what is said, esp concerning genuine Christianity (as vs "Evolutionary Christianity"), and draw your own conclusion. One size does not fit all. Ted Davis
I wonder if Jesus would have still laid down his life if he had known about evolutionary psychology. Saying Yes! To Both Religion and Science Can one say yes to science without bowing to Darwin? ...a groundbreaking dialogue on how an evolutionary worldview can enrich your life, deepen your faith, and bless our world. One has to pity all those Christians who came before Darwin. Such purposeless lives they must have led. “Studying evolution is like following cosmic breadcrumbs home to God. Only by looking through evolutionary eyes can we see our way out of the current global integrity crisis that is destroying economies and ecosystems around the world.” Sure beats following Christ. Mung
Thanks for the plug! For those who might be interested, here's more on this series of conversations: http://evolutionarychristianity.com/advent/ Blessings, ~ Michael Michael Dowd
We didn't realize we were also an introduction service, but as long as we are not taking money for it ... News
"Ah yes, another snotty, snarky post." Oh, you poor baby! Here, let me burp you. Ilion
Ah yes, another snotty, snarky post. I would be happy to rub shoulders with those people. Jimpithecus

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