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    Gods iPod says:

    Ack!! They broke it up! They should put it on Vimeo in one piece!

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    Morgentau says:

    Great! These media format are good for reaching today’s people, especially the young.

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    Lock says:

    Thanks for that!

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    Chemfarmer says:

    I reviewed three of these DVDs for the Baptist Press about 6 months ago, see:


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    gingoro says:

    Thanks for the pointer as these videos are not something that I would other wise view. Have gotten into the second episode of THE PRIVILEGED PLANET talking about earth not being the center of the universe and just an average location. IMO God had us in mind when he created all that is and that part I agree with. However, I thought that Einstein showed that there is no privileged set of coordinates or reference points. One could base ones coordinate system on the earths surface but then the equations of motion become fiendishly impossibly complex and unwieldy. Even using the simpler picture of the earth going around the sun, the earth’s orbit is modified slightly by the fact that the sun and the earth appear to orbit the center of the galaxy which also orbits some other center of mass…
    Dave W

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    bornagain77 says:

    gingoro, and to really make you sit back and take wonder; here is a video of the known universe that shows the earth at the center of the universe:

    The Known Universe by AMNH

    on top of that, the expansion of the space-time of general relativity is grossly insufficient to account for 3-D centrality we witness from radically different points of observation in the universe. i.e. Quantum information wave collapse must be universal and instantaneous to each 3-D point of “observation” in the universe to explain the centrality we see for ourselves in the universe.

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    gingoro says:

    Have now finished watching the series which is excellent! This is the kind of intelligent design, meta physics that I accept and approve of because it talks in language like “it is probable that” or “it is suggestive” and AFAIK the science is all good.
    Dave W

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    CannuckianYankee says:

    Dave W

    Isn’t ‘Icons of Evolution’ also a part of that series, or is it from another source?

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