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Imitating Silk: Ultra strong with passive cooling


How does chaos form silk with properties beyond today’s best design or fabrication?

“Researchers are studying the cooling and temperature regulation properties of natural silk in order to apply it to synthetic fibers such as artificial spider silk, which is both stronger than the polymer known commercially as Kevlar and more flexible than nylon.

Silk exhibits passive radiative cooling, meaning that it radiates more heat than it absorbs when in direct sunlight. On hot summer days, silk drops 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit when compared to reflective materials.

The cooling fabric is of tremendous potential benefit to the warfighter wearing body armor.”

Air Force scientists study artificial silk for body armor, parachutes

Richard Dawkins would say that it was the awesome powers of natural selection. That - in the context - is not a science concept. The powers are asserted, not demonstrated. News

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