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Insects Have Radically Different Strategy To Smell


Before the ink is dry on the revision of the tree of life, giving comb jellies pride of place near the base , we now need to redraw the tree again.

ScienceDaily (Apr. 14, 2008) — Darwin’s tree of life represents the path and estimates the time evolution took to get to the current diversity of life. Now, new findings suggest that this tree, an icon of evolution, may need to be redrawn. In research to be published in the April 13 advance online issue of Nature, researchers at Rockefeller University and the University of Tokyo have joined forces to reveal that insects have adopted a strategy to detect odors that is radically different from those of other organisms — an unexpected and controversial finding that may dissolve a dominant ideology in the field.

These ion channels don’t resemble any known ion channel on Earth. The insect olfactory receptor is unique.”

Funny they should point out that this so-called tree is an "icon of evolution". How'd the DI sneak in the product placement? Them folks always trying to draw that tree make me think of someone trying to put together a jig-saw puzzle with a picture in their head that has nothing to do with the picture on the box, yet insisting that the picture on the box can't possibly be right because they don't know who took it. Jack Golightly
Bob O'H the "redraw" is a direct quote from the ScienceDaily piece. Ask them or read the Nature paper. idnet.com.au
Why would this mean the tree of life has to be redrawn? Bob O'H
Tut-tut, my good man. Darwinian evolution predicted this...and the jelly fish discovery long ago. I remember reading about these predictons in the July, 1978 issue of Nature (page 15). This is yet another confirmation of the theory. [/sarcasm] Lurker
That is the second reason given to redraw the tree lately, the first was the discovery of the Jelly fish as the original animal. Jehu

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