Working as a medical doctor in Australia, I have been interested in whether there is detectable and definable design in nature for a long time. My intuition says yes. The intuition of others says no. An untiring skeptic of almost everything, I wanted to start an internet site where intelligent interchange could occur on issues of teleology. Spurred on by the initiative of others to distribute UMOL DVDs to all Aussie schools, we started an Intelligent Design interest group and launched to inform those confused by our biased press.
Intelligent Design

PZ speaks out

PZ has done an interview. I have compiled some statements that interest us here at UD. Here is the first installment. ON ID Host Stephen Smith: “You spend a lot of digital ink, if you will, attacking intelligent design and the people who are behind that movement. They argue that “certain features of the universe and […]

Intelligent Design

Logical flaws responsible for complex evolutionary theory

Non-adaptive origins of interactome complexity NATURE According to the BBC Ford Doolittle said “Darwinists are a little bit like the pre-Darwinists before them, who would have marveled at the perfection of God’s creation. We tend to marvel at the Darwinian perfection of organisms now, saying ‘this must have been highly selected for, it’s a tuned and sophisticated […]

Intelligent Design

They claimed to be wise

Extracted from the UK Telegraph comes the faith creed of modern scientism. “Evolution by natural selection, and all the other processes that produced our planet and the life on it, are sufficient to explain how we got to be the way we are, given the laws of physics that operate in our universe. However, there […]

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Cenes and Cnome

Eric Werner of the University of Oxford published a blog piece in PLOS which I have liberally edited below. I think it is an important development in thinking about design in biology. “The chimp really started people wondering if genes can account for the difference between humans and animals. Since the genes of chimps and […]

Intelligent Design

Traipsing into Theology

In a recent PNAS paper John Avise argued that evolution emancipates “religion from the shackles of theodicy” by getting any god off the hook as the source of seemingly cruel design defects in the human genome. Giving a god credit for the good designs, so the story goes, makes that god responsible for the bad […]

Intelligent Design

Short peptides from junk RNA regulate fruitfly development

‘Non-coding’ pieces of RNA can encode short proteins that regulate genes, researchers have found. Various non-coding RNA molecules do not produce protein but either regulate gene expression or carry out other functions in the cell. Many researchers question whether the rest of the apparently non-coding RNA made in cells has any function. Some believe many […]

Intelligent Design

The eyes have it.

I can’t let this one go without posting the reference to the paper generating all the fuss. Retinal glial cells enhance human vision acuity.   A. M. Labin and E. N. Ribak Physics Department, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa 32000, Israel “We construct a light-guiding model of the retina outside the fovea, in which […]

Intelligent Design

Lying for Darwin’s god

Over in Spain, ex priest Francisco J. Ayala is spreading his silly and distorted views about ID. “It is not even a matter of conviction. I am certain that the five or seven scientists (mostly social scientists) on the Discovery Institute’s payroll, do not believe what they say. Creationism (which Ayala obviously conflates with ID) […]

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Dawkins Down Under

Richard Dawkins on Australian TV waxes lyrical on science and religion, morality, the cross of Christ and the afterlife. SCIENCE AND RELIGION RICHARD DAWKINS: The implication you make is that there’s something about religion which is personal and upon which evidence doesn’t have any bearing. Now, as I scientist I care passionately about the truth. I […]