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Intelligent design theory in Germany – spotted on radar


German guy Christoph Heilig writes to say he

had this blog  on the Design-Argument.

I just wanted to inform you that I moved to http://ursprungsfragen.blogspot.com (the change doesn’t work very well – the new blog doesn’t have enough readers yet … don’t know why).

Part of the reason for the new blog is a new book I published together with the philosopher Jens Kany:

In this book many important people in the discussion on ID here in Germany wrote a chapter. It’s an important book (in English, the title would be something like “The Question of Origins. Contributions Regarding the Status of Teleological Answers in Natural Sciences”), because people with different opinions contributed to it and it was published in an important German publishing house. I thought that could be of interest to you.

Sure could. Just did.

Christoph, if you want to sign in here, you can talk to some of our readers. We have a great troll-free group of commenters. (All the guvs share a dislike of trolls, probably a genetic defect.)

You could tell people how to get your book. It so happens that we know a few people who can read German. In fact, one of our authors, Granville Sewell, translated one of Loennig’s books into English.

You might know Loennig – that carnivorous plants guy.

Just so you know: We decided not to throw Loennig into the tank with the carnivorous plant.

It was a close vote, but don’t let that deter you. Willkommen, and let’s hear about your book!

Makes some sense. You always hear about that "german efficiency" in regards to engineering- so it makes sense they would be interested in the bigger picture of design theory. They should be teaching ID in schools already but sadly too many people are still ignorant of the fact that Darwinism is really a theological argument posing as science since Darwin had no degrees in science at all but was trained to a certain extent in theology- that is what guided his theory. The create balance therefore is to have ID taught along side the modern evolutionary theory still known as Darwinism. That way AT LEAST the students would be getting an introduction into design theory which could lead them into considering a career in the fields of engineering. ID would only add to the interest of the discussion in both engineering and biology/origins. Frost122585
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