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Internet freedom has declined significantly worldwide since 2017

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You take for granted that you can just choose to read Uncommon Descent. Or something else instead. Increasingly, governments would like you to read what they think is best:

There has been a definite uptick in digital authoritarianism worldwide, according to Freedom House, which assessed 65 countries:

Chinese officials have held sessions on controlling information with 36 of the 65 countries assessed, and provided telecom and surveillance equipment to a number of foreign governments, Freedom House said.

The report found 17 governments approved or proposed laws restricting online media in the name of fighting “fake news,” while 18 countries increased surveillance or weakened encryption protection to more closely monitor their citizenry.

According to the researchers, internet freedom declined in 26 countries from June 2017 to May 2018. Gains were seen in 19 countries, most of them minor.Agence Presse France, “Chinese-style ‘digital authoritarianism’ grows globally: study” at France24

One cause cited by Freedom House researcher Adrian Shahbaz will sound rather familiar: “While deliberately falsified content is a genuine problem, some governments are increasingly using ‘fake news’ as a pretense to consolidate their control over information and suppress dissent.”

Here’s the Freedom House study, which notes that “In almost half of the countries where internet freedom declined, the reductions were related to elections.” Also:

Many governments are enforcing criminal penalties for the publication of what they deem false news. A chilling snippet from mass surveillance in China” at Mind Matters

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News, the obvious no 1 purveyor of false narrative posing as well grounded fact is the government- major media- ideologised academia- internet cartel- astroturfed social media complex. China just points to where it is headed. KF kairosfocus

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