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Introduction: Berlinski, the Devil, and the long spoon

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He who sups with the devil must bring a long spoon. – proverb

An American living in Paris, a secular agnostic Jew, and both a mathematician and a novelist – so why isn’t Berlinski caterwauling about the Visigoths at the gates, who think there is evidence for design in the universe?

Well, for one thing, he is way too smart. He is also a relentless foe of fashionable mediocrities. Thought enforcers mutter darkly against him.

No doubt there will be a law against him some day, but the bureaucrats will need to make good time. He was born in 1942. Meanwhile, …

Well now, what of Berlinski’s Devils?, that is The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions?

The book is not so much a defense of the God of the philosophers as a meditation on the vast, dim stupidities put up, in popular science works, to replace him. Although Devil’s would stand on its own as an excellent piece of writing and reasoning, in fairness it owes much to the sheer ridiculousness of the current conventions of thought it sends up, as we shall soon see:

Introduction:Berlinski, the devil, and the long spoon

Part One: Taking the measure of the new religion of science

Part Two: Materialism conflicts with evidence more than theism does

Part Three: Evolutionary psychology – the saints’ legends of scientism

Part Four: The duty Berlinski never accepted

Larry Fafarman, "Apparently the reason why I was put under moderation was that I called Judge Jones an abusive name." At uncommon descent? You gotta be kidding! In these parts we think Judge Jones is idiot number one, well, maybe two (Dawkins). Oops, I just landed myself in moderation -- sorry. bFast
Will someone, anyone please take me off the comment moderation list. DaveScot said that he took me off the list but I am still getting the message, "Your comment is awaiting moderation." Sorry. Your name must have been in it twice. -ds Larry Fafarman
Well, I guess pretty much anything negative said about judge jones can be justified. Anyone who refuses to read any ID works, denies the FTE due process, admits that Behe has a stringent definition of Irreducibility made clear in Darwin's Black Box yet decides to have a love affair with Ken Miller's straw man, and decides to watch "Inherit the Wind" for "historical context" of the issue at hand probably deserved whatever you said. F2XL
Will someone, anyone please free up my comment held up for moderation under DaveScot's post "Former state science director sues over intelligent design email" at https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/intelligent-design/former-state-science-director-sues-over-intelligent-design-e-mail/ Also, please remove me from moderation. Apparently the reason why I was put under moderation was that I called Judge Jones an abusive name. I have been good for a long time now and I promise not to use foul or abusive language again. Larry Fafarman
I bought the book and love it. I met Dr. Berlinski at the DI and it was really fun and exciting. I also own and have read a bunch of his other books like "Infinite Assent" "Tour of The Calculus" and "Newton's Gift." This book, like all of his, has a unique writing and thinking style. I just like to watch him turn a thought or a phrase into something that is witty, trippy and poignant, all at the same time. While reading this book you really get the feeling like you are reading something quite deep, learned and profound. The only down side is that after reading it you don’t really walk away with too much new information. You do however feel logically and rationally empowered and enlightened. The Devil's Delusion is like reading part "scientific essay" mixed with part "historical documentary," mixed with part "nonfiction novel," mixed with part "philosophical treatise." Like a fine wine it has both elegance and complexity. But it is not revolutionary like Behe' Black Box or Dembski's Design Inference and NFL. Frost122585

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