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Is Sarah Salviander going to make a difference in science?


Here’s her website and here’s her story:

Apologist. I came to Christian faith through my scientific work, and it is my passion to help other Christians reconcile their beliefs with modern science. Visit my 6DS Ministries website here. I am also working with the Defending Christianity apologetics group at Hill Country Bible Church in Austin. Visit the HCBC apologetics website here.

Astrophysicist. I have a PhD in Astrophysics and worked for many years in academia as a scientific researcher. Though I am currently focused on ministry work, I am still active in astrophysical research. Visit my research page here.

Author. I am a published author of scientific papers, books, and short stories. Visit my author page here.

Floor’s open.

I bought the student workbook for her homeschool course. I LOVE IT. This is how science should be taught. Do the work first, then bring in math to solve the puzzle. There's a long section on 'astronomy without a telescope', where the students build the kind of instruments that the Arabs and Persians and Kepler used. The students learn to observe and think without the 'prosthesis' of a lens before they add the prosthesis. polistra
Looking more closely: The main website page is sort of indirect and includes several 'inactive' links. Her blog Six Day Science is powerful and hard-hitting, with solid science, clear illustrations, and strong prose. This post is good stuff: https://sixdayscience.com/2017/01/06/how-to-make-science-great-again/ polistra
Conflict only arises where the course of such research is constrained by religious dogma rather than being allowed to follow wherever the evidence leads.
And that is exactly what you and yours want! Materialism is the constraining dogma, duh. Materialism does NOT allow you to follow the evidence wherever it leads. The EXPLANATORY FILTER does. Once again our materialist detractors show just how freaking clueless they are. ET
As we know from the historical examples of the likes of Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell, religious belief need not be a barrier to conducting original scientific research. Conflict only arises where the course of such research is constrained by religious dogma rather than being allowed to follow wherever the evidence leads. Seversky
It depends. Just having a PhD and identifying as a person of faith is a positive. Much bigger if hold by ID too. Bigger if hold by YeC too. The good news is within ID, YeC and scriptural testimony, IS the mantle of science. Ie the highest probability explanation of the empirical observations including cosmological ones like cosmological redshift and CMB.. reference, study, test and confirm/disseminate Pearlman YeC for the alignment of Torah testimony, science and ancient civ. volume II is 'creation science and big bang cosmology' based on SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis and model. connect and follow on academia edu, research-gate linkedin, quora .. Pearlman

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