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Is the search for a perfect physics theory a waste of time?


Peter Woit discusses the question at Physics World (May 2017), considering a new book by Frank Close, Theories of Everything: Ideas in Profile:

The great success of the Standard Model has left particle physicists in a difficult position; with not just the Higgs, but all other results from the LHC and other particle-physics experiments so far agreeing perfectly with the theory. This has crushed hopes that something unexpected might be found, which would ultimately indicate a way forward to a better, more complete theory. A major goal of Close’s latest book is to put this situation in historical context, describing earlier “theories of everything” and the theoretical advances that gave new, fundamental insight into the nature of physical reality.

A crucial question about our current situation is whether we really are at, or near, the end of our search for what theoretical physicist and Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg refers to as a Final Theory, or whether there is another revolution in our understanding still to come.

Perhaps a relevant question is, are people willing to live with what the evidence suggests?

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What becomes of science when the evidence does not matter?

The theory of everything will not be complete unless physicists are able to measure and explain the source of dark energy and matter... I doubt this is ever going to be possible... At the moment either the theory of special relativity or gravity must be wrong... if this turns out to be true, I bet on relativity coz time seems like an illusion plus "information can travel faster then light" ... or something... J-Mac
What becomes of science when the evidence does not matter? Fiction...BS has to make sense... somehow... J-Mac

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