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It Was Predicted

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We now have the highest inflation in 30 years. This was entirely predictable. In fact, I predicted it. See my post from April 20, 2020. Hang on. We are just getting started. The new “infrastructure” bill that just passed is the monetary equivalent of pouring gasoline in a dumpster that is already on fire. You go from this:

To this:

Believe me. I am not claiming any special insight. My conclusions were a combination of paying attention and making common sense deductions from observations. If you see someone opening the spigot on a fire hydrant, you are not a genius if you predict the street is going to get really wet. If the government says they are going to dump more money into the economy than ever in the history of the republic with no end in sight, you are not a genius if you predict that is going to lead to inflation.

And there really is no end in sight. Hang on boys and girls. We are in for a wild ride. The days of the dollar as we have known it for the better part of a century are numbered.

One of two things is true. The people running the country are really really stupid or they specifically intend the entirely predictable consequences of their actions. I don’t think the people running the country are that stupid. Which is not to say there are not some really stupid people in Congress; that certain bartender cum congresswoman springs to mind. But they are a small minority. I am fairly certain that the intelligence of the people running the country is distributed on a normal curve. There are some extremely smart ones; most are average; and there are some extremely stupid ones (e.g., AOC).

And since I do not believe this is the result of stupidity, I must conclude that the incipient destruction of the dollar is not a bug of their policy prescriptions. It is a feature. I believe it is a feature for the reasons I discuss in the linked post.

A list of items and their year to year changes in price https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_breakingnews/prices-continue-to-surge-heres-whats-becoming-more-expensive_4102378.html Details here since above requires a log in. https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/cpi.pdf jerry
A video on hyperinflation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNNUVEfoNmE&t=70s From an article on German hyperinflation in the 1920’s. https://techstartups.com/2021/11/10/america-slowly-becoming-weimar-germany-inflation-hits-40-year-high-prices-jump-6-2-october/ jerry
Thanks, Zweston. Yes, disinformation, misinformation, and "mal-information" is proliferating from all sides. It reminds me of a principle in judo where one can throw an opponent by using the strength of their overreaction by quickly pulling where you were previously pushing, or pushing where you were previously pulling. For example, you'll notice in this video that the woman on the right pushes her opponent three times; the third time, she uses her opponent's small push-back to step in and pull her opponent over her hip. https://youtu.be/JgIaC4x9IgQ?t=79 The segment that follows also demonstrates the same principle. The lesson is that overreaction can trap you in judo and in other areas of life. Nothing good comes from exaggeration or overreaction. Same is true when skidding in an automobile. React, but don't overreact. I believe in our present political environment, people are being provoked into polarization and overreaction. The media sources are doing their best to amplify the hysteria. This sells papers, amasses viewers, and gets clicks. -Q Querius
spot on Q. Per the coordinated attack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-4HOgULcd8 zweston
This morning, I got a big laugh from the front page of the Wall Street Journal. It triumphantly announced the following:
Inflation Helps Boost Profit Margins Companies seize rare opportunity to increase prices and outrun their own rising costs
Perhaps tomorrow, I'll read a headline like one of these:
Unemployment creates rare opportunity! Many workers now enjoying government-funded time off!
Rising trend in homelessness creates new opportunity! More Americans can appreciate nature and camping out
Vaccine mandates create new opportunity! Can diet and nutrition mandates result in healthier Americans?
The possibilities are endless for the rationalizing journalist! I guess they took their cue from the amazing success of the endless rationalizing of Darwinism that was successfully perpetrated for over a century in the face of falsifying evidence. -Q Querius
The moment states and countries shut down their economies was the moment everything, including the supply chain difficulties, began. You cannot have fewer factories produce the same number of goods. You can only have fewer goods manufactured causing the prices of reduced goods to go up. Former President Trump ignored states violating the Constitution. No state can put an undue burden on interstate commerce without violating the Commerce Clause. Every business, no matter how small, relies on goods from other states and countries. Toilet paper, cleaning supplies, light bulbs, etc., come from other states and countries. The Attorney General should have sent a memo to every governor to let the states know what they would be in violation of the moment talk of shutting businesses down started. He allowed an economic rebellion to occur under his watch. California laws hamper business and are the reason for the backlog, that and fear of COVID. People refuse to work due fear of getting a mild virus that they believe will kill them. That and laziness of people, which is part of our nature. Fewer people working the docks and fewer trucks cause supply chain issues. The inflation, including the cost of energy, would have gone up had Trump been reelected, but would have been lessened. He never would have stopped oil production. The cost of energy would have been minimized greatly had we continued down the same path, instead of President Biden putting an end to everything Trump did regardless of its effectiveness. There are unknown millions who snuck into the country illegally and unknown others claiming to be refugees with no case flown to other parts. The unknown millions buy goods, which adds to the rising cost. BobRyan
The seemingly coordinated world-wide power grab is truly astounding! Check this out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHpZ2vqJbMA -Q Querius
Zweston @8, Yeah, I think there's a plan behind the plan. Emergencies amplified by hysteria to Save the Earth, Prevent a Pandemic, End Racism, or Rescue the Economy are fundamentally useful to concentrate power. However, the concentration of power inevitably leads to tyranny. Please take note that people in all parts of the world are rioting against vaccine passports and other largely ineffective and arbitrary authoritarian measures that appeal to petty bureaucrats. It seems like the United States needs to be bankrupted and destroyed for some reason: its currency, the family unit, its history, its institutions, the rule of law, civil discourse, its founding documents, its values, its priorities, its military strength, its reputation and reliability, its liberties, and so on. So ask yourself, who would this benefit? -Q Querius
Can the people in charge be so dumb as to crash our country financially? Or do they just seek to make us dependent on them to take power over all of us? It's why I'm given to conspiracy theories...which usually turn out to be true later. People can't all be that dumb. Some are useful idiots, but the ones pulling the strings on the puppets know exactly what they are doing. zweston
Spot On Querius #6. Unless of course my typing of this reply too is just some happy and lucky co-ordination of random letters finding their way to make some type of readable response in a universe of also random responses that somehow seem to follow some coherence (though not always intelligence), against all odds. Trumper
Lessee . . . Darwinism would predict that inflation was caused by Random Accidents in the economy, which can also explain the excellent economy during the Trump administration, which merely had a run of good luck. Darwinism would also suggest that the U.S. economy is Evolving into something Unprecedented and Spectacular rather than dying a slow death, and we will soon have a socialist workers paradise! The Intelligent Design approach is to make the presumption that the actions of intelligent agencies are responsible for the dramatic changes to the economy. -Q P.S. I agree that we will soon have a typical Socialist Worker's Paradise. Querius
What in the world does this have to do with ID?
Nothing. Your comments have nothing to do with ID either. jerry
It was intelligently designed? Seversky
What in the world does this have to do with ID? chuckdarwin
One of the causes for the inflation besides the flood of money is that several million people have taken themselves out of the job market. When have we seen help wanted signs everywhere before? I took a picture of a help wanted sign at a McDonalds for starting at $16 per hour plus starting bonus. They are all over the Northeast and were in California a month ago when I was there. So far the inflation has not approached Jimmy Carter days. jerry
You are correct. The inflation was definitely predictable. But it is also being made worse by serious supply chain problems. These have been made even worse by COVID restrictions, but they weren’t caused by them. Joe Schooner

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