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Stomping out independent thought, Campus USA

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Caroline Crocker, author of Free to Think, on Darwin trolls harassing students on campus:

At a recent conference in Hawaii I was approached by a group of about eight students lamenting about how only one side of the evolution issue is taught in their classrooms and that anyone who suggests that there may be scientific evidence for the other side is ridiculed. In fact, at universities throughout the country, faculty and administrators harass students who attend Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) club meetings, where they just want to openly and freely investigate the evidence supporting evolution versus intelligent design.  The IDEA club organizers at some universities complain that their activities are severely discouraged by those in authority, presumably so no student even has a chance of being “infected” with such subversive ideas. One leader, at a university in California told me,

Within a year the climate became very hostile to ID. The trouble started when a professor complained to administrators about our meetings. At the time the resistance from administration started, I was arranging for pro-ID scholars to present at our campus. After monies were already allocated for speakers and travel costs, our IDEA Club was told by administrators that we were not allowed to publicize our events where pro-ID speakers would be presenting. Pressure from administrators suffocated the IDEA Club within the same academic year … Any given professor that ignorantly speaks against ID may be the one who will give me a shot at an internship or research project. Starting an IDEA Club on any campus would be academic and professional suicide.

Another student wrote that when he tried to start a club, “I received support from the philosophy department, but harsh antagonism from the biology department,” and a graduate student told me that participation in an IDEA club would seriously jeopardize her chances of completing a graduate degree. A postdoctoral scientist at the NI informed me that he needs to stay incognito about his Darwin-doubting ways, as did a biologist in the University of California system. (pp. 185-86)

Ebenezer the geezer: Learning to shut up and believe whatever they tell you if better for your job prospects than your mind prospects, son!

You seem to be inferring that "independent thought" and belief in Intelligent Design as you define it are one and the same thing. Do you have any evidence that independent thinking inevitably leads to belief in Intelligent Design? Moros
Unfortunately, a wounded -- especially a mortally wounded -- beast can be very dangerous and destructive. kairosfocus
I personally believe that the fact that the supporters of the reigning paradigm feel the need to resort to such draconian tactics means that they are in deep, deep trouble. There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come, and they sense it and fear it and hence fight it with every weapon at their disposal. But you can't fight an idea whose time has come and win. Don't despair, folks; it's just a matter of time. Bruce David
Closet Creationists? Mung

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