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J. R. Miller on the SJWs


Further to “Social justice warriors turn their sights on evo psych prof,” J. R. Miller has some thoughts on the SJWs at More Than Cake:

About Reprogrammed: Every Thursday at 11:00 Pacific, former SJW Keri Smith joins Unsafe Space to co-host “Deprogrammed.” We’ll explore the philosophy, strategy, and tactics that Marxist and postmodern nihilists use to program “Social Justice Warriors,” turning otherwise thoughtful, critically-minded individuals into armies of extreme leftist NPCs. Each week, we’ll talk about a different aspect of “social justice” culture, drawing both from Keri’s personal experience as well as current events.More.

Who knew that the Enlightenment would end in Punch Yer Lights Out?

See also: Social justice warriors turn their sights on evo psych prof. We thought Darwin’s Magic Dust prevented this sort of thing. But we were wrong. We were not taking into account the fact that, in practice, most Darwinians probably enable it, making certain that it will eventually be directed against them, if only after all other easy targets are exhausted.

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