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J. R. Miller vid faces YouTube restrictions


Readers may remember J. R. Miller from useful stuff like: Do racial assumptions prevent recognizing Homo erectus as fully human?

Well, we’re told, YouTube doesn’t like a vid he and some friends made:

Historically science and Christianity have been allies. In today’s culture, many young people have walked away from their Faith based on the narrative that science and faith are incompatible. Jane, Leroy, and Joe go Off the Cuff to expose the lie of this modern myth and show how science and the Christian worldview fit together.

In a world where Netflix is streaming a show about underage sexpots, it’s hard to imagine what the Valley’s problem with this stuff could be. But a friend suggests that at roughly the 7-minute mark, the discussion turns to anti-Christian bias in Google search and recommends—whoops!— alternative services.

Be sure to watch that part if you don’t watch anything else and LIKE the vid.

And you certainly don’t have to be a Christian to find a non-Google search engine. A good choice for anybody.

Well, this isn't censorship, it's just business. Miracle on 34th Street was a movie. In reality Macy's doesn't want its products to advertise Gimbel's. polistra

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