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Computer scientist Don Johnson’s Programming of Life videos

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Don Johnson is the author of Programming of Life and Programming of Life 2: the Earth These vids introduce the ideas.

WyeDyedWunder: First of all a disclaimer -- I am not the Don Johnson of this article, just an interested layman having the same name. However, I have had a long career in systems/software development as well. I share your interest and fascination with the video animations of life at the cellular level, and I also have had questions regarding the validity of the animations. I invite you to read an article I wrote awhile back where I had some of those questions answered by actual researchers in the field. https://ayearningforpublius.wordpress.com/2014/11/21/interesting-people-i-have-met-e-michael-ostap-ph-d/ And, if you've not already seen it, take a look at: https://youtu.be/-6g5icw1Zos and https://youtu.be/SjGjFNX6OlQ I'd be interested in your reaction to my article. I wish you well in your journey. DonJohnsonDD682
Hello. I have been a reader here for a short while and finally had to bite the bullet and register so I could comment. This is *unbelievable* stuff. Over the last few weeks I've watched a slew of the Berlinksi, Johnson, and Discovery Center videos. I'm just dumfounded. (Berlinski NAILS what I have observed myself when he discusses the smug, self-important scientist authority figure who looks down his nose at the rest of the world.) The description and animations of how DNA and proteins work are truly eye-opening and amazing. Am I just engaging in confirmation bias (I am a christain theist), or is it ridiculously self-evident that this biological information is carefully structured?! Cheers! Gotta run. Programming of Life 2: Earth is on. WyeDyedWunder
Don Johnson does some great work. harry

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