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James Tour: Open access Zoom seminar September 3

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A friend writes to say it’ll be held at 4:30 pm EST atAndrews University as per below:

Andrews University Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

In 2019 Named Among The Top 50 Most Influential Scientists in the World Today
Professor James M Tour: Scientists are Clueless about Origin of Life
September 3, 2020, 4:30 p.m (EST)
Live-streamed at

Tour from last year:

Co-Sponsors: Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Office of Research & Creative Scholarship, Berrien RESA, and Center for Interdisciplinary Dialogue

See also: Steve Meyer on James Tour’s podcast. “In this interview, Dr. James Tour and Dr. Stephen Meyer discuss science and faith, while getting into the details on the discovery of complex, sequence specific information required for life’s function and origin, and the required fine-tuned laboratory that we call our universe that must exist in order for assembly to occur.” People are taking reality seriously? What next, we wonder?

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    EugeneS says:

    I trust it will be recorded.

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    jawa says:

    I hope so too.

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