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Ethan Siegel enumerates what we might find, re life on Mars


As Perseverance rattles off to Mars, he goes through five possibilities at Forbes:

Mars never had life.
Life died out.
Life persisted beneath the surface
Earth seeded life on Mars
The space program spread life to Mars

Space program?

It’s the ultimate nightmare of astrobiologists: that there’s a fascinating history of life to uncover on another world, but we’ll contaminate it with our own organisms before we ever learn the true history of life on that world. In the worst case scenario, it could be the case that was surviving simple life on Mars of Martian origin, but that Earth life arrived and out-competed it, driving it to a rapid extinction. This very real, healthy fear is why we’re frequently so conservative, from a biological perspective, when we explore other planets and foreign worlds.

Ethan Siegel, “The Five Possibilities for Life on Mars” at Forbes

Well, we’re so conservative that we haven’t actually explored any other planets and foreign worlds recently …

Interesting reading though.

@3 Wow AaronS1978
Materialists can not find life inside a pregnant woman's belly. Truthfreedom
The best thing to do would be to send down thoroughly decontaminated robot devices. With advanced sensors, a high-capacity uplink and a VR platform, an operator on a ship in orbit could experience what it would be like on the planet's surface without actually being there. Seversky
Or can be something that our biology has no idea how to deal with, and it can rapidly infect and kill whatever biological agent from earth comes in contact with it AaronS1978

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