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    tribune7 says:

    It looks like Toyko is more interested in — and understands the importance of — the debate than New York.

    So do you get a really smart dog and a female assistant that looks like Faye Valentine (really big eyes) in the cartoon?

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    crandaddy says:

    Those Japanese know technology when they see it! 😉

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    crandaddy says:

    Disregard the previous emoticon. ^_-

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    JGuy says:

    Love it. Funny with the sea faring Meyer & Johnson.


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    JGuy says:

    In looking for the cartoons.. I found this by Sekai Nippo. It might interest someone here:


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    JGuy says:

    Found this too…


    If you can’t read Japanese, you can try to squeeze some understanding out of it using Google translate.


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    tribune7 says:

    OK, it looks like they cartoonist is saying that Meyer and Johnson are commanders of the aircraft carrier, Behe, Dembski and Wells are bomber pilots, and the creationists are foot soldiers.

    The otherside, meanwhile, looks like it’s getting bombed to heck.

    We are smiling and they are not.

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    Latemarch says:

    These cartoons look like small crops from a larger cartoon.
    It seems like there are things happening just outside the frame.

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    shaner74 says:

    They captured Dawkins perfectly. I think the ID guys look a little too happy though.

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    chunkdz says:

    Dr. Dembski, can we see the whole cartoon?

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    […] Japanese cartoons on ID/Darwinism […]

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    scordova says:

    This is perfect for an animation with the ID proponents as the heroes and the Darwinists as villains. 🙂

    I suggested 2 years ago that this would be an excellent project for the Darwinalia product lines.


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    tribune7 says:

    This is perfect for an animation with the ID proponents as the heroes and the Darwinists as villains.

    Yeah!!! Is Denyse going to look like Faye Valentine?

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    scordova says:

    From the link above, here is what I wrote 2 years ago, notice the bolded portion where I mentioned cartoons:

    Here is my free idea for your product line. With modern chip based sound we can get the Darwin doll to be saying all sorts of villainous things. Have Darwin doll say things schemeing to oppress a fair maiden or family.

    Then we have hero action figure (who says noble things, and is an IDist). He has a ray gun (symbolic of the light of truth) which when brought to bear on Darwin’s head causes the Darwin doll to shake and then pop out all sort of body parts or entrails.

    The fair maiden or family action figures give a cheer for the ID action hero upon defeating the evil Darwin doll. I think that’s a more marketable concept. That’s my idea anyway.

    Such a product line would of course lead to a cartoon show with the characters portrayed as such.

    Are there any readers with graphic talent?

    Any more games like PandaMonium? Or ID PacMan?

    The cartoon reminded me of the Japanese cartoon series that inspired Star Wars. See: Star Blazers

    Look at the similarities to the cartoon.

    For example, Captain Avatar and Venture look like Phil Johnson and Stephen Meyer.

    Some of the Star Fighter outfits worn by Behe, Dembski, and Wells are reminicent of Derek Wildstar

    Dawkins make a great effeminate Leader Deslock. Deslock even acts like Dawkins! No Kidding.

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    scordova says:

    The creationists in the cartoon correspond to the Space Marines of the second season.

    The mission of the Star Force in the first season was their quest to find Cosmo DNA. No kidding. How nice it would be for the next Star Blazers to have ID proponets as the heroes.

    I think almost for sure Star Blazers was part of the inspiration for the pro-ID cartoons.

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    tribune7 says:

    I never thought of Star Blazers as the inspiration for Star Wars but I can see it.

    I can see the creationists as Space Marines too

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