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Turkey’s First ID Conference

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Mustafa Akyol presents a report on Turkey’s first ID conference here. Speakers included Paul Nelson, David Berlinski, Mustafa, John Lennox, and Alpaslan Açıkgenç.

For those not familiar with Mustafa, you can listen to lectures by him at the MacLaurin Institute website (scroll down and look for his name). He shared the podium with UD’s Denyse O’Leary during one lecture.

Note Mustafa’s comments that the conference had official support, that about a dozen local mayors sent telegraphs of congratulations, and that the conference made its way into the Turkish media and mainstream newspapers. Apparently the atmosphere concerning ID in Turkey is not nearly as hostile as it is here in the U.S.

David Berlinski’s lecture was titled “Where Darwin Went Wrong.” Below is Mustafa’s summary of that presentation:

Charles Darwin completed his masterpiece, On the Origin of Species, in 1859. At once, the theory that is introduced became popular. One hundred years later, it was widely celebrated as an outstanding success. Thereafter, the time of troubles began. For the past forty years, the great global vision that Darwin introduced into biology has been dying by degrees. Critics and skeptics have never been satisfied with Darwin’s theory. Mathematicians have been especially dubious. But now even the biologists have begun to read those alarming medical reports with a heightened sense of concern. At least five fatal maladies are converging on Darwin’s theory. In the first place, the theory makes no sense. Either it collapses into triviality or it invokes a force with no known cognate to the forces of physics. In the second place, the theory lacks for confirmation from the historical record. In the third place, it lacks for confirmation both from laboratory experiments and research into natural selection in the wild. In the fourth place, the theory cannot be simulated by means of computer algorithms. If the simulation honestly uses Darwinian principles, it does not work; and if it works, it does not use Darwinian principles. And in the fifth and final place, the theory has never been defended in terms that make mathematical sense.

Jehu, I think this is because ID doesn't say that God is the designer and also because he rejects common descent completely and will never give it a chance (unlike ID which is neutral regarding common descent) Anyway, I hope the lectures are recorded because I really wish to hear from Berlinski, Nelson and others IDist
What? An ID conference in Turkey and no Harun Yahya? http://www.harunyahya.com/ Jehu

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