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Jay Richards: In an information economy, the human person will be at the very center


Many here must remember Jay Richards from Privileged Planet Here he is on the subject of whether machines can really replace people:

At the time of the American revolution, he reminded the audience, 95% of the population lived and worked on farms because they had to. Today, about 1 percent do. “So does that mean that 94% of the population is unemployed? Of course not!” He agrees that there will be displacement and disruption as mechanization gives us resources to create new and different jobs: “Anything that can get automated will get automated. That’s a really good rule of thumb.”

But what can’t be automated? “Creative freedom,” for one thing “Jay Richards: Creative freedom, not robots, is the future of work” at Mind Matters

Just the sheer hype from the AI rules! proponents alone should warn us to listen to a different perspective.

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Jay Richards asks, Can training for an AI future be trusted to bureaucrats? We hear so much about how the AI revolution gobbles industrial era jobs that we don’t notice the digital era jobs unfilled.


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