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Jerry Coyne in Evolution: ” … religion is highly correlated with the dysfunctionality of a society”

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Jerry “Why Evolution Is True” Coyne has a paper, “Science, Religion, and Society: the Problem of Evolution in America” in Evolution (Vol. 66 Issue 4), explaining

American resistance to accepting evolution is uniquely high among First World countries. This is due largely to the extreme religiosity of the U.S., which is much higher than that of comparably advanced nations, and to the resistance of many religious people to the facts and implications of evolution. The prevalence of religious belief in the U.S. suggests that outreach by scientists alone will not have a huge effect in increasing the acceptance of evolution, nor will the strategy of trying to convince the faithful that evolution is compatible with their religion. Since creationism is a symptom of religion, another strategy to promote evolution involves loosening the grip of faith on America. This is easier said than done, for recent sociological surveys show that religion is highly correlated with the dysfunctionality of a society, and various measures of societal health show that the U.S. is one of the most socially dysfunctional First World countries. Widespread acceptance of evolution in America, then, may have to await profound social change.

Here’s a question an American can maybe help the UD News desk with: If America is so dysfunctional, why are there so many illegal as well as legal immigrants there?

Coyne, a new atheist, whose Why Evolution Is True has been highly praised by Michael Ruse, makes quite clear here the real view of the 78% of evolutionary biologists who are no-free-will atheistic naturalists.

One result is that he is a problem for the “Darwin in the schools” lobby, National Center for Science Education and Catholic Darwinist Ken Miller (see here and here).

An ongoing mystery is the Christian Darwinists, who imagine that there is a form of Christianity that would be viable under Darwinist rule. As if.

See also: New atheist Darwinist (Coyne) demands that Chronicle of Higher Education promote “incivility” toward religion

Isn't jer a Jew??? HM. Does he mean jewish people who are quite religious are more dysfunctional then otherwise? America(and cAnada) are the most intelligent nations and peoples in world history. Collectively and man for man. Therefore its a line of reasoning that these people would be least likely to have dumb ideas about origins. It would be likely there would be the most opposition here to wrong ideas. Therefore if evolution and company are false then it would be the most intelligent nations who would be on it. The Anglo American civilization has done alright relative to the rest in the area of intelligence. In fact there is not really a close second. Yes there is a great Protestant presumption of biblical truth but this is done intelligently. Its not just bible orders but Evangelical cHristians have solid intellectual confidence evolution is worthless on the merits. again one would expect the best people to be best. Not India, Italy, or Israel. A line of reasoning. Robert Byers
Save us, Jerry, from the devils In the churches...Take a stand! Jerry, be our bless'd Messiah! Cleanse the vermin from the land! Rise up, Jerry! O, Hosanna! Scientism! Save us now! Humanism is The Answer! Brother Jerry's Sacred Cow! Rid the world of this dysfunction! Amen, Jerry! Preach The Word... Evolution Revolution! Now you've got disciples stirred! What we need's profound upheaval... Brother, Jerry! Save the day! Breathe out your sweet Coyne-o-nea! Heal our land, Jere, this we pray. Tom Graffagnino

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