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Jonathan Bartlett: Swamidass gets the Evangelical Statement on AI wrong

                  Jonathan Bartlett

Jonathan Bartlett says that, in his Wall Street Journal article, Joshua Swamidass — mainly known to our readers for his clashes with ID biologists — seems to misunderstand the Statement entirely on the question of moral responsibility:

Essentially, the statement merely restates traditional Christian theology regarding humans and machines. It continues to assert them in the case of a specific type of machine, artificial intelligence.

Swamidass’s criticism seems to miss this important distinction. The clearest example is his response to the question of moral responsibility. There, his criticism seems to misunderstand the Statement entirely…

Rather than lacking insight into AI issues, this band of theologians is especially sagacious in applying theology to them. Jonathan Bartlett, “A Critic of the Evangelical Statement on AI Misunderstands the Issues” at Mind Matters News

S. Joshua Swamidass
Joshua Swamidass

Bartlett doesn’t think Tesla needs any encouragement to avoid responsibility; quite the opposite.

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