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Jonathan McLatchie on God and Science: Interview with David Robertson of SOLAS


I thought readers might be interested in this recent conversation I had with Scottish apologist David Robertson (of the SOLAS Centre for Public Christianity) in Dundee, Scotland, on God and science. Enjoy!

Cool interview. On Sceptical zone your ideas are being addressed if your unaware. I do like the points that the complex design, not only hints, but demands a first conclusion of a creator. It REALLY is very complicated in biology.! So complicated that chance encounters in the wind seem dumb impossible to have created anything somewhat impressive never mind impossible complexity that gets people nobel prizes for figuring out a minor point. I think intelligent design hits thinking people at a instinct of common sense and common reasoning. i think iD has won already over alternative options of chance. its about knocking off evolution that is more to be aimed at. Robert Byers

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