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Junk Protein Not so Worthless After All


One problem with evolution is its strong bias toward viewing everything in biology as a kludge. When a newly discovered structure is examined, evolutionists take one look and conclude it is leftover junk. After all, blind, unguided mutations and other processes just happened to produce everything we see. The evolutionist’s going in position is that biology is a fluke. We’re lucky anything works.  Read more

VMartin, Good idea. I would just change it a little. Instead of cutting it out, just replace it with random strings and see what happens. I mean, even junk DNA can have a place holding function. But if that is all it is good for, then random DNA would do the job. Collin
Darwinists should first prove their self-confident claims about "junk DNA". The experiment is a simple one - only to cut out all "junk" parts from DNA in a zygote. I would't be surprised if outcome of such edited "junkless" DNA would be lethal. On the other hand neodarwinian concept of genes as corpuscules might prove in future to be a misleading concept as Richard Goldschmidt predicted - we know nowadays that you can knock out some genes without any harm. http://cadra.wordpress.com/ VMartin

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