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Kepler used guitar-like instrument to help develop his planet laws?

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Further to Golden ratio in guitar solos? (Golden section and golden rectangles, the harmonic series and the model of its ideal behavior simplified):

Reader Peter Zoeller-Greer kindly writes to offer you an excuse for camping out next the fireplace and strumming a guitar instead of working:

This reminds me of my former math-teacher Dr. Atteln, who wrote his doctoral dissertation in the field of philosophy of mathematical sciences about how Kepler did find his laws. He (Atteln) found out that Kepler used a guitar-like instrument and (Kepler) analyzed the ratios of the strings when producing “harmonies”. He kind of projected these ratios to the planetary system and found his famous laws. What a harmony in the universe! I often wondered, how this is possible. What sounds “harmonic” is more a matter of feeling (since I was a long-time songwriter here in Germany I know what I am talking about), but it is applicable obviously to the universe, too.

Great! This is good for at least three hours of intelligent strumming and loafing!

Here is Zoeller-Greer when he is working:

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Kepler used a monochord, which is neither a guitar nor a "guitar-like instrument." The Quadrivium of Kepler's day included the study of music theory. Kepler's speculations are based on Pythagorean intervals and their representation in the Cosmos. Not quite the same thing as sitting around a campfire strumming a six-string Martin. riddick
Richard Feynman played the bongos Seversky
Music of the spheres! Edward
Dmitri Mendeleev played Patience. http://www.rsc.org/education/teachers/resources/periodictable/pre16/develop/mendeleev.htm Zachriel

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