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“Kinda cool” to Pull the Brain Out of a Baby Whose Heart is Still Beating

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The following, dear readers, is what it comes to when the eigenstates of the world have their way:

Holly O’Donnell, a former procurement technician with Planned Parenthood partner StemExpress, described in the video how one abortionist thought it was “kinda cool” to arbitrarily stop and start an unborn baby’s heart during the abortion.

“‘Hey, Holly, come over here. I want you to see something kinda cool. This is kinda neat,’” an abortionist told O’Donnell.

“The moment I see it, I’m just flabbergasted,” O’Donnell said. “This is the most gestated fetus and the closest thing to a baby I’ve seen.”

“[The abortionist] has one of her instruments and she just taps the heart and it starts beating. And I’m sitting here and I’m looking at this fetus and it’s heart is beating, and I don’t know what to think.”

O’Donnell detailed how the abortionist performed the abortion in order to “procure” the baby’s brain. O’Donnell also described how the abortionist made her harvest the baby’s brain by cutting his face open with scissors.

In one portion of the video, a prospective organ buyer asked a supplier whether a baby’s heart is still beating during the procedure.

“So you know there are times when after the procedure is done that the heart is still beating,” Ben Van Handel, a Novogenix executive, told the buyer.


The horrors of "legal" (murder is intrinsically illegal) child-killing are becoming common knowledge. That is a good thing in so far as those who the Pro-Life movement hadn't been able to reach are finally understanding why the Pro-Life movement just won't go away and has been steadily growing for over 40 years. Although it could be a very disturbing thing if the horrors of child-killing becomes common knowledge and there is no huge political rebellion demanding it be brought to an end. If it is common knowledge that we routinely and brutally murder children by the thousands every day in America, and nothing changes, what have we become? Have we been "Nazified"? Most Germans didn't actually participate in the mass murder taking place. They just tolerated a ruling class without morality. Concurrently with gaining knowledge of the reality of "legal" child-killing comes an obligation to wholeheartedly join the resistance to it. I still think Americans, when informed, will not tolerate a ruling class without morality. If that is not the case then we can most certainly look forward to experiencing a reality not often mentioned from pulpits these days, which is, of course, "the wrath of God." It is still a terrible thing to experience the wrath of the living God. harry
See response here: https://uncommondesc.wpengine.com/intelligent-design/how-materialists-mutilate-language-in-the-service-of-evil/#comment-576902 Zachriel
Frequent commenter Zachriel writes in response to the Planned Parenthood's hi-jinks:
When a woman decides on a legal abortion, donating the tissue for medicine is appropriate.
So as long as it is legal for someone to rip a baby's face in two in order to extract its brain while its heart is still beating, Z says it is all "appropriate." God help us. The word "evil" (both for those who do it and those like Z who approve of it) doesn't seem to cover it. Barry Arrington
No reason to doubt the man's word, phoodoo, whatsoever. They would all be psychopaths or extreme sociopaths. Perhaps still less reason, in that his opponents in this issue evince at least the minimal degree of empathy to rule out a fabrication of such a nature. Yes, humbled, it would destroy us. But not God. 'Vengeance is mine', saith the Lord. I will repay.' Although, paradoxically, it is said that the damned, themselves, choose to go to hell. I think the justice implicit in the concept of hell for the likes of Gosnell, Brady, Hindley, our friend, the Cool Dude et al, is astonishingly beautiful. Doubtless too beautiful for us to dwell on though. Axel
Axel, I truly hope there is a hell and that a special place exists for individuals such as this. I hope the blood of the innocent will one day be avenged. There are no words to describe this barbarism. I would hang filth such as this by their bollocks! There really is no excuse for this despicable behaviour. Although, with atheism at the helm today, it doesn't surprise me. So tempting, but by behaving in such a manner I would be no better than they are. http://www.numberofabortions.com/ Makes me sick... humbled
When you hear about ridiculous things that someone supposedly said, try to maintain a little bit of skepticism. Not everything you read on the internet is true. phoodoo
Occasionally, a plausible near-death experiencer describes a brief visit to hell. One such visitor found that he was subjected to the same treatment by demons as he had meted out to others; only, of course, to be reconstituted and get the same treatment again and again.... I wonder if, when they die, these people will be subjected to ruthless, live dismemberment, as babies, or as adults, as were some of the Nazi troops in Russia by the partisans. Or, maybe, variety being the spice of life... a soupcon of both. Well, more than a soupcon. The thought of it just wrings my withers like nothing else. On the other hand, a genuine tragedy associated with abortions, is that some of the mothers concerned, with low self-esteem and lacking the strength to stand up for themselves and their baby, are themselves victims of intense family pressures and the general propaganda of this deeply degenerate society. Axel
I think it can be said without much controversy, that anyone who is alive and moving around in this world was at one time at the same stage of development that was the baby who someone said about that it "is kinda cool" to manipulate the parts of that baby that is being killed. (whose right to live is being totally ignored and neglected by what many would call legally sanctioned murder) How in the hell does this happen? How can anyone that condones such a thing condemn the murder of anybody that is living in this world at any age? "Science" absolutely can not demonstrate how any stage of human development results in the product of a "human being" at any stage of the life cycle. Let alone "scientifically" demonstrate how human development came about. If there is any "sanctity of life" why should anyone claim there is an objective basis by which to make such a claim? You pack of bastards! You condone the killing of these infants (or whatever you want to call them), you condone your own demise. bpragmatic
Anyone think the President will comment on this or stick his nose into this mess? No way!! Best to just ignore it and like someone said, just focus on women's rights. But, don't forget that silence is complicity!! Silence also shows they are embarrassed to stand up for their beliefs. I'd rather have them silent though than actually stand up and try to defend this.
"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness,..." Isaiah 5:20
If this verse does not apply here, where does it apply?!! tjguy
Sick, grotesque industry of death! Eugen
Evolution gives them another reason to kill. I don't think abortion will ever be made illegal. It is a form of birth control for women so they have to play word games to deny the obvious. It is the real war on science (embryology). Before Christianity came, women killed their newborn babies. It was the norm. We are simply reverting to a pre christian pagan morality and it is not going to be fun. cornucopian
Even though they don't think the fetus is a baby human its still sickening and evil to see this done. I think its without much excuse for a "doctor' to do this becayse its at least in doubt whether the fetus is a human by their own beliefs. How confident can they be its not a kid? Yet the equation is still THEY don't think the fetus, at this point, is a human being. Playing with this "creatures" heart and brain surely requires some protection in a society that protects stupid animals. why is there not? A good point in a election. Robert Byers
hey, they're just animals...how else should we expect them to act? tommy hall
It would be nice to see the usual suspects are able to agree if they in fact do, and not let their anti ID/religious tendencies get in the way. scottH
They have the same fanatics here in Australia and unfortunately a similar abortion rate. When confronted with the actual horrific details like this, I think the usual posters here will avoid trying to get involved, best to retreat and talk about womens rights, it's easier on their conscience (wherever they think that comes from). Cross
Cross, You are underestimating these fanatics. Abortion on demand is a liberal sacrament and any opposition to it will not be tolerated. This reminds of fanatics like Pete Singer who is actually honest in a way. He thinks abortion and infanticide are the same and I agree with him. cornucopian
Right. All this is legal and blessed by the state with taxpayer funds. A young seedling is considered life but somehow the human baby in the womb is non life. It is utilitarianism in action. Next, we will see killing at the end of life. Post Christian morality is our future. cornucopian
Cross Never underestimate them. scottH
Actually scottH, I think the defense brigade will stay right away from this, hard to defend the indefensible. Cross
Defund the baby killers mike1962
Not much shocks me, but reading that description (especially the scissors bit) made me feel a little nauseated. HeKS
Wait for the defense brigade... Anything goes. scottH
Despicable evil. There are no other words to characterize it. OldArmy94

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