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Last Chance to Join the Engineering and Metaphysics Conference

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This is your last chance to come and participate in the Engineering and Metaphysics conference. The conference, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, begins on Friday. If you’re in the area, come on by! However, it is best to preregister to make sure that we have enough conference packets and meals for everyone. See the website to register and for more information, including a list of talks. Several UD authors are presenting talks. While it is not an ID-specific conference, several talks are on ID-related topics. Check it out today!

(OT?) I just watched this film. In a sort of way, its about engineering and metaphysics: http://backtoedenfilm.com/ If you have the slightest interest in gardening or sustainability, you should watch it! EndoplasmicMessenger
I thought it was nice of the NBA to keep the 15th and 16th open for the conference, and to have a game in Oklahoma right before the conference so everyone is close by already! johnnyb

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