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Lawrence Johnston — A Tribute


Lawrence Johnston died last week.

In the summer of 2009 I came back to Pullman, Washington from Southern California for my 40th high school reunion. Pullman is home of Washington State University, and the University of Idaho is a sister college located just eight miles away in Moscow, Idaho. (I was born in 1950 in Moscow.) Lawrence was a professor of physics at the University of Idaho, and my dad was a professor of physical chemistry and the founder of an experimental nuclear reactor at Washington State University. Lawrence used my dad’s reactor for some neutron-activation analysis for his research.

What these two men had in common was that they worked on the Manhattan A-bomb project during WWII.

During that summer visit to Pullman/Moscow in 2009 I arranged a meeting between Lawrence, my dad and our families. During a period of several hours Lawrence and Harold (my dad) reminisced about the Manhattan Project and the WWII years. We all asked many questions, and I learned amazing things I had never heard before.

Lawrence wrote up his memoirs about the Manhattan Project for a talk he gave on August 9, 2006 at Los Alamos, New Mexico. This is some WWII A-bomb history and detail you will not read anywhere else.

It can be found here.

This is my personal website. If you are not interested, please do not download it and massacre my bandwidth. If you do download it, please e-mail it to interested parties.

Lawrence was a devotee of ID theory.

Lawrence designed the detonators for the Trinity and Fat Man plutonium implosion bombs, and was the only person to witness all three original atomic bomb explosions (Trinity, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki). GilDodgen
For him and those who loved him or knew him or anyone who associated with him this death like all , except for evil people, is the disappointment of existence. The great indignity to mankind is that we must die. I did not know his name but the prestige he had fair and square as a thinker in these physics things added to his support for creationism , ID tribe, makes him someone further along in getting the truth. Of coarse the atomic bomb stuff is fascinating and important and historic. he dealed with real things and real results and perhaps this is what kept him in the ID camp despite the circles he moved in. its gain for creationists to know these people of results saw our creationism ideas as fine with serious thinking about nature. Thanks for telling us about him. Robert Byers

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