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Lawrence Krauss: The Universe is Inhospitable


Lawrence Krauss just finished his opening statement in the “What’s Behind It All? God, Science,and the Universe,” and he once demonstrated what drives evolutionary thought. His arguments from dysteleology said it all. The universe, the physicist from Arizona State University explained, is inhospitable. It is not user-friendly, and in most places, would kill you instantly. And we all know that a Creator would never do such a thing.  Read more

Is there something WRONG with this Krauss dude!!! I never saw such a lame evilish presentation from a anti creationist. EVER! You can't even get mad. its just not what anyone should ever do in trying to persuade. Child abuse accusations, right wing accusations , dismissing scholarship of theologians and anyone who is creationist. A angry rant with no humour(unless maliciously aimed) and irritating stomping about in white shoes and bad posture. This is the opposition?!! He was inarticulate even on his strange discourse on the universe. It makes Nye look like a genius in his Ham/Nye debate. He wasn't however. If evolutionary biology and ID criticism or alternative ideas is to be debated then ID needs a evo bio guy to debate. Krauss was a waste of time. One can't make a case with someone who can't argue the evolution case. Watching Krauss was like watching Tyson bite Holyfield's ear off. Yuck. Robert Byers
Kudos to Dr. Meyer for hanging tough in what were obviously very difficult circumstances. One has to wonder why Krauss is so opposed to the death penalty. Does he believe in human exceptionalism or not? Mung

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