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Let us now praise normal science: Chad Orzel responds to Sabine Hossenfelder


As Chad Orzel explains, he considers Sabine Hossenfelder’s dismissal of much current physics “a little too sweeping.” A lot happened in the dull years:

The invention of the laser in 1960 was a straightforward application of the quantum theory of light presented by Einstein in 1917, but it has dramatically transformed modern life— without it, among other things, the high-bandwidth telecom network you’re using to read this would be impossible. The basic properties of semiconductors are a problem that can be worked out by second-raters and graduate students, but the invention of the transistor in 1947 had an absolutely revolutionary impact on human civilization. And so on— the vast majority of the work that’s gotten us to where we are as a species is thanks to people who were doing “normal science,” not challenging current paradigms, but exploiting them to achieve concrete goals.

Chad Orzel, “In Praise Of ‘Normal Science’” at Forbes

That said, he agrees with “Hossenfelder’s diagnosis of the problems with a particular area of physics.” If he means crackpot cosmology, he has company.

Note: Sabine Hossenfelder is the author of Lost in Math: How Beauty Leads Physics Astray, and Chad Orzel is the author of Breakfast with Einstein: The Exotic Physics of Everyday Objects. Read both.

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Atheism is in fact, the real anti-science. As we see more and more today.
"We now have an unobservable, unverifiable multiverse, for example, spoken of as though it really exists. We have major name scientists making ludicrous statements like Lawrence Krauss’ and pals, “A Universe from Nothing”. We have the whole Darwinian theory that is a major disaster in the history of science. We have dozens of purely speculative hypotheses being passed off as though valid theories or even facts. We have naive theories on star formation and planet formation that are full of insurmountable problems, yet passed off as facts in many science documentaries, magazines, and journals."
https://borne.wordpress.com/category/science/ Truthfreedom
It sounds like he's just highlighting the distinction between "science" and "engineering", which is fairly well understood. EDTA

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