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Life originated before plate tectonics, deepening mystery

before, after plate tectonics/University of Copenhagen

From “Plate Tectonics Cannot Explain Dynamics of Earth and Crust Formation More Than Three Billion Years Ago” (ScienceDaily, June 1, 2012), we learn,

Plate tectonics is a theory of continental drift and sea floor spreading. A wide range of phenomena from volcanism, earthquakes and undersea earthquakes (and pursuant tsunamis) to variations in climate and species development on Earth can be explained by the plate tectonics model, globally recognized during the 1960’s. Tomas Næraa can now demonstrate that the half-century old model no longer suffices.

“Plate tectonics theory can be applied to about 3 billion years of the Earth’s history. However, the Earth is older, up to 4.567 billion years old. We can now demonstrate that there has been a significant shift in the Earth’s dynamics. Thus, the Earth, under the first third of its history, developed under conditions other than what can be explained using the plate tectonics model,” explains Tomas Næraa. Tomas is currently employed as a project researcher at GEUS.

“We have come to understand the context of the Earth’s and continent’s origins in an entirely new way. Climate and nutrient cycles which nourish all terrestrial organisms are driven by plate tectonics. So, if the Earth’s crust formation was controlled and initiated by other factors, we need to find out what controlled climate and the environments in which life began and evolved 4 billion years ago.

Who was that guy who said we were making great progress understanding the origin of life? Jerry Coyne?

The thing is, we don’t even have a handle on the conditions under which life evolved.

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JERAD. The evidence only shows separate continents. Not the journey. Yes they needed mechanism but all the more this shows it wasn't needed. The other evidence was already pretty good. Mechanism ideas is later details or should be. The switching of anything would also happen during a single quick event as in the biblical flood. Everything could be changed and futher the simple answer is first that the lands broke up quickly as this is what it looks like. they are broken/ or smashed together like they smashed together and not rubbed noses only. Biogeography fits better with a sudden split and a later re occupation by migrating creatures over the land. it works fine and better for yEC models. Robert Byers
Robert, But the geological evidence shows that the continents drifted apart over hundreds of millions of years. Plate tectonics was not accepted until that evidence was found. There are alternating bands of polarised metallic ore on either side of the mid-Atlantic trench which correspond to the switching of the magnetic poles of the earth and show that the mid-Atlantic spread has taken a very, very, very long time indeed. And this corresponds with the fossil and morphological and genetic data from lifeforms. Jerad
Continental drift was a great discovery for YEC gain. Actually AIG recently reported in its news that a creationist thought of this option long ago but saw it from the actions of the biblical flood . The earth was united and then divided in a single year by the biblical flood. biogeography before and after the flood year works excellently with this fact. everything can be seen as the tearing and crashing of relatively fast moving coninents within a years time. Robert Byers

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